Why Huddle Rooms Are Important

If you are in the audio visual or IT industry, you have probably been hearing a lot of buzz about huddle rooms. These small, user-friendly rooms seem to be at the center of most conversations in the collaboration industry lately, and with good reason – they take up very little space, are fairly inexpensive to implement, accommodate impromptu and informal meetings, and drive small group collaboration and productivity. After designing and integrating over 170 huddle rooms for one of our large IT clients, we like to think we have a good grasp on why these rooms are important and what they should consist of. Let’s take a look!

Why Huddle Rooms?

Picture this: You just came up with a fantastic idea for a new product offering, and you want to get your team together for a quick brainstorming session. All of the conference rooms in your building are occupied for large meetings, and you can’t cram everyone into a small office or cubicle to share your ideas – what do you do? You go straight to a huddle room, which will perfectly accommodate your small group and will allow you to easily collaborate with your local or remote team members, and you watch your small idea flourish. It’s the perfect, convenient solution!

In addition to their convenience, huddle rooms should be extremely user-friendly and simple in terms of technology, ensuring anyone can utilize them. They also require very little square footage and are budget-friendly, and they can be the most productive rooms in your building.

Building a Huddle Room

In our experience, a typical huddle room accommodates four to six people. In terms of A/V solutions, we recommend the room is outfitted to support high-quality conferences and local and remote presentations. These spaces should include small-format LED displays, some type of audio conferencing system with full room audio coverage, and wired and wireless presentation capabilities in both analog and digital formats. Video conferencing systems and interactive displays can also be added to the rooms to further enhance collaboration. Want a specific list of technology recommendations for huddle rooms?

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