Why Applied Global Technologies Works

We live in an increasingly visual era. This can be accredited to the prevalent use of social media, video marketing, and virtual learning. In this visual world, where visual learners make up 65% of the population, both companies and higher education institutions must use an advanced audiovisual integrator to serve their audience better. At Applied Global Technologies, that is our bread and butter. With our AV integration services, you can enhance your technological collaboration in classrooms and lecture halls, and help your organization make a lasting impression. Together, let's explore why Applied Global Technologies works.



The Importance of Visual Learning

Visual learning is an intuitive way to learn theoretical concepts that may otherwise be difficult to understand. When visuals are used to support distanced learning, your audience must use a more significant portion of their brain to process the information. Of all the data transmitted to your brain, 90% of it is done so visually. By using a greater amount of brainpower, a person’s ability to memorize and internalize the information is also increased. One study concluded that subjects who listened to a lecture that used both visual and verbal communication to convey information were able to later recall 65% of the information given to them. In comparison, subjects presented with information through a spoken lecture alone could only remember about 10-to-20% of the information three days later.


Proven Results with Fortune 500 Clients

Another reason why Applied Global Technologies works is that it has partnered with multiple Fortune 500 clients throughout its more than 28 years in the AV integration industry. One client, in particular, has been part of AGT’s family for 17 years. Any time the company requires a renovation or expansion, the audiovisual specialists at AGT are who they rely on. This valued client generates more than $27 billion annually in revenue and relies heavily on collaboration and meeting spaces to assist in developing products and negotiating deals. So, naturally, they needed to have the most efficient meeting spaces available to them. Throughout its years of service, Applied Global Technologies has enhanced the client’s meeting rooms tremendously by developing its webcast studio, customer experience center, and digital signage distribution.

Before partnering with AGT, this Fortune 500 company’s audiovisual system was disorganized and inconsistent. The equipment they used was not standardized, which caused inconsistency in each room’s user experience and created confusion for the users. Additionally, each room featured a different experience and used multiple technologies and audiovisual integrators simultaneously. Because of this, if the client was experiencing technical difficulties, they often wouldn’t know who to call for technical support and were met with inconsistent levels of customer service.

Understanding the importance of a client’s audiovisual experience, the first thing AGT did was streamline the client’s audiovisual integrators by implementing more than 200 Creston Fusion scheduling panels, along with a Creston Media Switch. This ensured that the client’s experience was consistent throughout their 500 plus audiovisual meeting rooms. To mitigate the client’s extensive customer service issues, AGT made sure to provide them with Service Level Agreements and an 800 number to call from any of their meeting rooms located nationwide. Furthermore, AGT provided a full-service staff for their headquarters and larger locations, to resolve any challenges they may encounter immediately. Thanks to AGT, the client now has a simplified and cohesive audiovisual integration system consistent with all of their locations and bolsters success.


The Benefits of Audiovisual Integration for Your Company

Of course, your audience will be more inclined to pay attention to your presentation when you leverage the power of audiovisual communication. This is imperative because the widespread effects of technology have transformed our economy so that a person’s attention has become a valuable commodity. People have grown accustomed to living with multiple streams of information, fighting for their attention at all times via phone, laptop, and television.

For that reason, it is essential to make an effort to keep your audience engaged by incorporating different mediums within your work. This includes expert visual design, touchscreen capabilities, a high-quality audio system, and the ability to collaborate with others. When people are more engaged with your presentation, they retain the information better.

Furthermore, it’s simply a wise business decision to invest in the most technologically advanced systems that are available to you. Nowadays, it has become commonplace for people to use high-tech devices in their everyday lives. From the latest smartphone in their back pocket to the newest laptop on the market, to touchscreen menus at their nearest fast-food joint, advanced technology has become the standard. This is also true in relation to how people expect to have information presented to them. Spotty audio, unclear visuals, and poor design will not only decrease your audience’s ability to pay attention but will also cause your organization to appear unprofessional and unprepared. A cutting-edge audiovisual integration system will elevate your business through an advanced mix of audio, content, and video in a way that is easy for any user to understand.


Enhancing the Clarence Brown Conference Center

photo of Clarence Brown conference center designed by AGT

The Clarence Brown Conference Center also called upon AGT to integrate a Crestron Digital Media HD video distribution system complete with master-touch panels and user touch panels. The installation of these systems was able to streamline the entire conference center’s design. By installing master touch panels, phone and volume control, along with an audio Digital Signal Processor (DSP) to manage audio quality, the Clarence Brown Conference Center was able to efficiently make the transition from an analog system to a high-tech digital system, which revolutionized the way they conducted their business.

With the integration of an updated system and the assistance of AGT, the Clarence Brown Conference Center has modernized its business, putting them at the forefront of its industry. AGT’s mastery of project management and programming allowed the company to update its system while sustaining its regular business practices. Further proving why Applied Global Technologies works.



Why Applied Global Technologies


photo of av integration done by AGT

The upfront investment to install and update your traditional setup is a small price to pay compared to the benefit of having an advanced fully digital audiovisual system. No matter what business you may conduct, the combination of a skilled AV integrator and the proper AV system is capable of streamlining your entire process. Faculty members and colleagues alike can learn, collaborate, and interact with each other in the most tech-savvy and efficient manner possible.

At Applied Global Technologies, the mission is to craft AV solutions driven by intelligent and effective technology to meet customer needs in the most cost-effective way possible. Our proven results continue to have a lasting, positive effect on the organizations that we have assisted. Are you ready to take the leap and adapt to the Digital Age?  Contact us today, and we’ll begin with your AV integrator system today.



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