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AV Integration for
Prime Contractors

AV integration is a challenging niche with a high entry-point in terms of skill and experience. But with the rise of the collaborative digital work environment, your clients need AV solutions for the future. By leveraging Applied Global Technologies' proven track record in this area, government prime contractors and commercial providers can broaden their portfolio to address this multi-billion dollar market.

As a large-volume contractor dealing with multiple vendors, we understand that vendor quality and reliability are of the utmost importance to prime contractors, especially important when entering a new market segment.

AV pioneers
since the early 90's

We’ve been key players since the market’s infancy and have built the people, processes, and technology to deliver outstanding outcomes. There’s nothing in this field that our seasoned team hasn’t seen. This makes us a perfect partner for prime contractors expanding into the AV integration arena.

We’re a proactive vendor: We don’t just offer people or technologies in isolation. We provide a dedicated end-to-end team that will support you and your clients right from the pre-bidding stage to implementation, support, and beyond.

Every step of the way — from project specifications to pricing to project management, to design, implementation, and aftersales support — we’ll be there to ensure that you offer more value than the competition.

Applied Global relies on our extensive experience working with the federal government and on large-scale private sector projects. We understand government contracts and the often-contradictory expectations of large-volume contracts. We can navigate these for you, deliver superlative results, and guarantee your bottom line.

As you step into the AV integration arena, let Applied Global Technologies enable your success.


US DOD Command Center

Applied Global Technologies lead a comprehensive design study with stakeholders from 4 different teams to define the project requirements. Over the course of a year and a half, AGT’s top AV integrators effectively provided the designs, equipment, integration and on-going maintenance for each of the audio visual (AV) meeting spaces. Clients received a full suite of audio visual upgrades enabling effortless communication on secure channels from anywhere at any time.

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