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AV Integration for
Higher Education

When collaborating in educational settings, it is important to have consistent and dependable audio visual and video solutions to ensure the learning environment is effective and properly used.

AGT helps teachers, staff and students collaborate in the best possible way with our A/V and video conferencing expertise. Our certified and experienced staff take dated faculty meeting spaces, auditoriums and classrooms and update the facilities with the latest technology, resulting in future-proof collaboration spaces that foster communication and scholarship. We help your institution every step of the way – from the design process of your meeting spaces to the installation and proactive management of your systems – ensuring everything runs smoothly at all times.

Educational institutions also take advantage of AGT’s interoperable cloud-based video collaboration service, which successfully connects students and faculty members via video from any location and on any device. Tools are available to easily stream, record and playback lectures, whether it’s content sharing or video communication. With over 78% of communication being nonverbal, video communication fills the gap in your learning communities by accommodating for distance learning and improving the quality and retention of your remote facilities and online classes.

Whether you are in need of audio visual assistance, or you are just looking for a fresh way to communicate with your faculty and students, AGT can help your educational institution collaborate more effectively. Improve your learning environment by contacting one of our specialists today.

Brenau University

Brenau University

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University Georgia
Brenau University
Valencia College
Morehouse School of Medicine
University System of Georgia
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