The world of AV technology is ever-evolving, and marketing trends are moving at breakneck speeds. As a result, modern times must demand modern solutions to ensure that consumers stay engaged with your brand. For many organizations, the right digital signage provides frictionless customer service and has the potential to uplift marketing campaigns that need spark. 

Different forms of digital displays are steadily replacing traditional signage and even reducing the workload for customer service representatives. Digital display signage offers a broader range of solutions that can reduce overhead costs while increasing revenue and customer satisfaction. If you’re ready to upgrade your digital signage, consider the following use cases and benefits before discussing your options with audiovisual integration experts.

The Six Best Types of Digital Display Screens 

When it comes to digital display screens, there is no shortage of options. While many display screens can serve multiple purposes, selecting audiovisual solutions that suit your organization’s needs is essential. Moreover, your AV solutions must also be compatible with your other audiovisual equipment. 

While many digital display solutions are available, the following options are the most versatile and popular within various industries.

1. Smart Digital Signage Displays

Smart digital displays differ from other options because they have a chipset, referred to as a System on Chip (SoC). These chips present the unprecedented computing capabilities necessary to process high-resolution content. 

Currently, smart digital signage displays comprise 41% of new deployments across the globe. Since these displays possess computing power, connecting an external media player to display content is unnecessary. Smart digital signage simplifies installation and reduces cabling costs while enhancing performance.


2. Video Walls

Video walls present an opportunity to create an engaging, high-quality experience for customers, employees, and visitors. Since video walls utilize multiple LEDs or LCDs to create a single image, they offer greater flexibility than other display options. Audiovisual integration specialists can install several displays that wrap around corners or create unique shapes for an immersive viewing experience. 

If you’re interested in creating a luxurious, memorable viewing experience, video walls can add artistic flair to promotional visuals. However, video walls are also suitable for displaying critical information, including temperature monitoring, wayfinding information, and other vital messaging. 


3. Interactive Kiosks

Regardless of your industry, reducing unnecessary customer service interactions and operating expenses is always beneficial. A self-service kiosk will allow front desk personnel and customer service staff to direct their efforts towards other tasks that are vital to effective operation. Additionally, interactive kiosks enhance business efficiency by providing a consistent user experience at all hours.

Interactive kiosks have several uses in the modern world. For instance, museums can utilize interactive kiosks to present information about each exhibit in an engaging format. Meanwhile, corporate workplaces can use interactive kiosks to provide wayfinding information and company-wide updates for employees or visitors. If your company is a part of the hospitality industry, you may utilize interactive kiosks to greet guests, complete transactions, and confirm reservations rather than relying on hosts or receptionists.


4. Interactive Projection Mapping

Interactive projection mapping uses AV technology to project imagery onto almost any surface. Furthermore, participants can physically interact with these projections using touch. During projection mapping, specialists fit images onto a 3D graphic model that resembles a specific surface. Video projection and mapping are different from other displays because they can display these images wrapping around any surface, such as a table, chair, building, and almost anything else you could imagine.

Interactive projection mapping installation has varying costs, primarily depending on how you intend to utilize this technology. As the project’s complexity increases, so does the cost. A prime example of interactive projection mapping is Anthem’s use of an interactive point-of-sale campaign for Nestle, which achieved an astonishing 41% increase in sales. Interactive projection mapping allows your organization to stand out from the competition by creating an immersive experience.


5. Direct-View LED Displays

Direct-view LED displays may be the ideal option for your organization’s needs if you require a simple AV solution to display information or advertisements. In most cases, direct-view LED displays are used by schools, churches, and businesses due to their high-quality images and low operating costs. Your organization can utilize these versatile displays in hallways, employee break rooms, and outdoor displays. Since they come in various pixel pitches and sizes, it’s easy to find an AV solution that suits your needs. 


6. Interactive Projector Screens

In addition to interactive projection mapping, there is also its less complex counterpart: interactive projector screens. These dynamic AV solutions are entirely different from traditional projectors. With interactive projector screens, you can turn almost any surface into an interactive space ideal for presenting information and engaging with an audience.

Educational institutions often use interactive projector screens because it provides unparalleled flexibility for educators while increasing student engagement. However, corporate workplaces may also benefit from interactive projector screens for presentations and employee training. Fortunately, modern interactive projector screens can last up to 20,000 hours, making them exceptionally easy to maintain after installation. 


Choose the Right Digital Signage Solutions with Applied Global

As organizations in every sector digitize their processes, the right digital signage solutions can help your company outpace competitors. This is why it’s so essential for businesses to stay up-to-date with the latest AV equipment. By doing so, you can ensure that their employees, customers, and visitors have access to the resources they need to be productive and access vital information at any time.

At Applied Global Technologies (AGT), we offer a wide range of AV solutions designed to improve workplace productivity. Our team has the tools and expertise to help your business make the most of its shared office space.

To learn more about our AV solutions, contact us today. We’ll be happy to discuss your specific needs and recommend the right solution for your business needs and budget.