Today’s workers attend an average of 62 meetings per month. This takes up a vast amount of their time, so it’s crucial that meetings can proceed with as little friction as possible. To make the most of each discussion and promote productivity, your team needs advanced conference room technology. 

If your organization prioritizes staying current and relevant, upgrading your audiovisual equipment every three to four years is essential. Upgrading your conference room technology streamlines operations and demonstrates to employees that you value keeping up with recent developments. 

Furthermore, your customers and clients will notice your organization is forward-thinking and up-to-date. If you’re considering whether or not it’s time to upgrade your conference room technology, we’ll help you make the right decision.

5 Signs Your Conference Room Technology is Outdated 

Outdated conference room technology is not only unsightly, but it can also cause significant issues for employees and clients. For instance, employees may need the proper technology to collaborate effectively and share information. If you notice the following issues throughout your organization, it’s time for a new AV system.

1. Your AV setup isn’t suitable for team collaboration.

An outdated AV setup will make it unnecessarily difficult for team members to communicate and collaborate effectively. If your staff cannot utilize their own devices, share screens, and easily develop ideas with in-person or remote individuals, it’s time to upgrade your AV technology.

Conference room technology must have the capability to accommodate multiple team members and locations simultaneously. A modern AV setup will streamline brainstorming sessions by enabling screen sharing, access to meeting room analytics, and advanced interactive whiteboard capabilities.

2. All meetings occur in one conference room.

Do you have enough conference rooms in your office to accommodate multiple group video conference sessions simultaneously? If not, it may be time to adjust your AV setup. 

It can be challenging for organizations to meet the changing needs of a decentralized workforce. Still, you can assist your team by installing a robust video conferencing setup with the assistance of experienced AV professionals. If your employees need more access to technology, consider upgrading other areas throughout the office.

3. Your AV setup could be easier to use.

The best AV setups are intuitive and easy to use for all participants. However, outdated conference room technology can cause issues when employees and guests cannot connect via their newer devices.  

The end result is an increase in delays and disruptions during critical meetings. If employees and guests are experiencing difficulties when attempting to utilize your conference room technology, it may be time to upgrade to a more user-friendly option.

4. Your team experiences disruptive technical difficulties during meetings.

Recent surveys state that 58% of people report that they regularly experience technical difficulties during meetings, and most of these issues are directly due to outdated or inefficient conference room technology. 

For instance, many meeting participants need better conference room audio, which leads to time wasted trying to resolve connectivity issues. In other cases, participants may need help with spotty visuals, which reduces the quality of communication during video conference sessions.

5. Your AV system is not scalable.

As remote and hybrid working arrangements become the norm, AV technology is essential to daily operations. However, these AV solutions are often integrated without concern for scalability.

Scalability is a critical component of modern conference room technology. Since the demand for IT services is accelerating, organizations must ensure that their AV setup is designed with the future in mind.

How to Upgrade Your Conference Room Technology  

Upgrading conference room technology can provide numerous benefits for businesses and organizations. Firstly, it enhances communication and collaboration by offering advanced audio and video capabilities, resulting in clearer and more engaging meetings. High-quality video conferencing facilitates remote participation, enabling teams to connect across different locations effortlessly.

The right AV technology can even enhance your organization’s professionalism while impressing clients and partners. State-of-the-art equipment reflects a commitment to innovation and modernization, elevating the image and credibility of the organization. It also improves the overall user experience, making meetings more enjoyable and productive for participants. 

Furthermore, upgraded technology often incorporates security measures to protect sensitive information shared during meetings, ensuring confidentiality and data integrity in all areas of use. 

These benefits can be leveraged throughout your office. When you’re ready to team up with AV integration specialists to upgrade your conference room, consider reviewing the following areas, as well.

The Huddle Room

Huddle rooms are small meeting rooms that typically seat up to six people. Although huddle rooms are not conference rooms in the traditional sense, they’re the ideal space for 1:1 meetings and small conference calls. It may be beneficial to create a huddle room if your office space features an open floor plan. If you’re interested in establishing or upgrading your AV equipment in your huddle room, ensure that employees can access video conferencing cameras, speakers, and microphones.

The Team Room

A team room is larger than a huddle room but smaller than the average conference room. Your team room will seat 4 to 12 people. In this space, employees and clients will connect for team building and strategizing. AV integration professionals may upgrade your setup with interactive digital displays to collaborate with remote participants and host presentations. AV integrators may also recommend beam-tracking microphones and updated video conferencing equipment to record critical information.

The Boardroom

Boardrooms are large conference rooms that seat over 20 people. Organizations host client meetings, department meetings, and presentations in the boardroom. A modern boardroom will have a video wall or a large display screen that allows all participants to view information. Built-in microphones supported by sound-masking technology will ensure that employees and clients can connect.

Upgrade Your Conference Room Technology with Applied Global

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