It is predicted that the global AV market will be valued at $3.6 billion by 2028. As the industry expands, AV companies are looking for new ways to refine their skill set. Among the available courses and accreditations, the APEX certification is undoubtedly the premier benchmark for excellence in the AV industry. This certification recognizes the best and brightest in the AV industry, whether they specialize in AV integration or design. AV companies that earn the APEX certification demonstrate their ability to provide exceptionally high quality in addition to their technical expertise. 

Audiovisual content has become an integral part of how individuals communicate with one another, especially for educational institutions and corporate organizations. If you’re seeking assistance from an AV integration company, ensure that your provider is APEX certified to guarantee that you receive top-notch service and AV solutions.

What is the APEX Certification?

The APEX (Audiovisual Provider of Excellence) certification is a recognition program for AV design consulting firms and AV integration companies. An APEX certification ensures that AV specialists can provide high-quality customer service. These certifications are provided by AVIXA (Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association). 

AV integrators are responsible for public-facing systems, so it is essential to choose a reliable provider that will enhance communication and collaboration within your organization. An APEX-certified AV integrator can apply the knowledge obtained in their APEX certification classes to successfully configure AV systems for a variety of clientele.

The Importance of an APEX Certification

You may initially think that AV integration only requires hanging a few displays, but the entire process is quite complex. In order to successfully implement an audiovisual setup, AV professionals must find compatible solutions that adhere to your budget and design the installation accordingly. This process may entail selecting the right light fixtures, soundproofing technology, installing AV displays, and other intricate tasks.

Although the AV industry has existed for a few decades, it is not yet commonplace for designers, installers, and AV system technicians to obtain certifications. As such, these truly serve as marks of excellence. And of all the certifications to choose from, the APEX certification is the most highly regarded option. Consider the following benefits of selecting an APEX-certified AV integrator.

1. The APEX certification ensures continuous improvement

When audiovisual integrators earn their APEX certification, they need to renew it yearly to maintain their status. Audiovisual integrators do this by completing AVIXA educational courses. These courses ensure that AV integrators understand the latest design, installation, AV math, and project management techniques. 

APEX-certified integrators are continuously furthering their education, ensuring they remain at the forefront of their industry. Organizations in every sector will have peace of mind in knowing that an APEX-certified integrator is utilizing the most advanced design and installation techniques currently available.

2. APEX-certified integrators are required to have CTS-certified staff

All AV integration companies with an APEX certification must have Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) staff to maintain their status. AVIXA’s CTS certification has remained the industry standard for AV professionals for the past 30 years. This certification ensures that AV professionals know how to create and install the ideal AV solutions for each client’s budget and timeline.  Upon completion of the CTS certification program, the staff will have in-depth knowledge regarding the AV industry and the technical skills necessary to provide high-quality service.

3. APEX-certified integrators provide reliable customer service

Continued APEX certification demands that all AV integration providers deliver top-tier customer service. AVIXA guarantees this by keeping track of each provider’s customer surveys. Since a third party handles these surveys, the AV integration companies cannot access or alter them. This ensures that your APEX-certified audiovisual integrator has trustworthy reviews.

These customer surveys are included in APEX point totals, so AV integrators must obtain surveys from satisfied customers each year. As APEX-certified integrators increase their knowledge of industry standards and processes, they also assess and improve their customer service.

4. APEX certification promotes other industry trainings and certifications

In addition to the APEX certification, other highly-valued industry certifications solidify an AV integrator’s skills. AV professionals may acquire these certifications through Cisco, Extron, Poly, and AMX. When an AV integrator obtains these certifications, the points add to their APEX certification. Essentially, AV integrators with the APEX certification are encouraged to acquire a wide range of knowledge regarding different AV software and technologies.

5. APEX certification demonstrates dedication to the AV industry

Maintaining an APEX certification requires a significant investment of time and financial resources, demonstrating an AV integrator’s commitment to their customers and company. In addition, AV integrators that obtain the APEX certification become part of the industry’s community. AV integrators with a robust support system are connected with the best in the industry, giving them a distinct advantage in hiring skilled employees.

6. An APEX certification encourages AV integrators to keep up with trends

The AV industry remains relatively new compared to other sectors, and improved technologies emerge yearly. If AV professionals fail to keep up with the latest advancements, they cannot provide the best AV solutions for their customers. However, the APEX certification requires AV professionals to learn more about their craft each year, ensuring you receive the best service possible. 

7. The APEX certification allows the best integrators to stand out

The AV industry is still in its infancy, so many AV companies compete for a steady stream of clients. However, only a handful of these companies can manage AV design, installation, and IT support. These are the AV experts that organizations should seek to integrate the best AV technologies available because they have experience installing and maintaining complex AV solutions while meeting client needs and budgets.


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The benefits of working with an APEX-certified AV integration company are clear. When it’s time to integrate your next AV system, choose an experienced, certified AV company that you can trust.

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