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AGT is a full-service audiovisual integrator that creates, installs, and maintains collaborative spaces. We provide audio visual design and integration, video conferencing, and managed services to businesses, government agencies, and educational institutions. For more than 20 years, AGT has changed the way businesses connect and collaborate. Visit for more information.

Why Applied Global Technologies?

The satisfaction of our clients measures the quality of our work.  We are never done until you are pleased with the results you get.

On our GSA schedule, AGT works with a number of government-certified contractors and provides a wide range of goods and services. We work with eligible third-party firms, licensed SBA program participants, and prime contract holders with GWAC and IDIQ contracts with specific agencies.

As an integrator, AGT works with hundreds of leading audio visual suppliers to ensure that we can provide our clients with cutting-edge collaboration solutions. We are dedicated to developing user-friendly, effective, and future-proof systems and environments.

Conference and Board Rooms

AGT will help you with conference and boars room AV Integration. Your teams work the most in conference and board rooms, making the critical decisions that form the direction of the day-to-day operations.

These are some of the most significant spaces in your home, from executive meetings to weekly planning sessions. Conference and board rooms should be equipped with superior audio visual and video conferencing systems to accommodate both onsite and remote staff.

We can help you with:

  • Room-based HD video conferencing systems,
  • Large-format displays,
  • Interactional touchscreen technologies and digital whiteboards,
  • Location-aware technologies,
  • Scheduling plates,
  • Wireless and wired presentation opportunities.

What video conferencing solutions do we offer?

AGT offers an easy and cost-effective way to collaborate and drive business growth, whether you want to video-enable your board room, improve your huddle room atmosphere, or leap into the world of cloud-based video collaboration.

Audiovisual and video conferencing rooms of the past are no longer actual. Today’s end users are searching for the “future collaboration space.” This is where AGT comes to assist you.

Effective video conferencing

We ensure that the collaboration environments are high-quality, reliable, and well-maintained, removing the tension that comes with issues like missed calls, ineffective meetings, and troubleshooting. The following services are part of our managed services portfolio:

  • Audio Visual and Video Conferencing Solutions with Managed Video Services
  • Monitoring and Alerts for Audio Visual and Video Conferencing Quality
  • Troubleshooting and Help Desk Services
  • Onsite Audio Visual and Video Conferencing Activities Staffing
  • Engineering Design and Audio Visual Integration
  • Design and Installation of Video Conferencing
  • Maintenance Management: Proactive and Break-Fix

Our expertise

Providing easy access to HD video, speech, and content sharing to your teams will give you a significant competitive advantage over your closest competitors. With one or more of our signature services, unleash your team’s collective power and overcome all distance and technology barriers that stand in your way.

Collaboration via video

We collaborate with market leaders such as Cisco and Poly to deliver integrated solutions that are designed from the ground up to be dependable and consistent.

  • Server for Cisco Meetings
  • Series of Cisco Webex Rooms
  • Endpoint hardware solutions from Poly (including the Trio and RealPresence Group series)

Audio Visual Integration

AGT’s mixture of technological, professional, and project management skills enables us to provide a broad range of audio visual integration services that help our customers solve challenges and improve processes.

  • Engineering Design and Audio Visual Integration
  • Infrastructure for Video Conferencing
  • Installation and Design
  • Multimedia/Multifunctional
  • Learning at a Distance
  • Management of Projects
  • Personnel in charge of audiovisual equipment
  • Expertise in Large-Scale Implementation

Audio-Visual Development

For Audio Visual Results, Work with a Design-Oriented Firm.

  • Rooms for Meetings and Briefings
  • Video Walls and Command Centers
  • Rooms for Collaborative Work
  • Centers for Network Operations
  • Classrooms and training
  • Amenities for Entertainment
  • Large Meeting Rooms and Auditoriums
  • Signage on the Internet
  • Control Systems Made to Order

Reliable Audio Visual Solutions

To ensure that the learning experience is efficient and properly used, classrooms and training facilities require reliable and dependable audio visual, and video solutions.

Our certified and professional staff renovates dated faculty meeting rooms, training rooms, and classrooms with cutting-edge technology, resulting in future-proof collaborative spaces that facilitate connectivity and scholarship.

What do we do?

We suggest the following educational and training facilities:

  • Digital whiteboards and interactive touchscreen technologies
  • Cameras that pan, tilt, and zoom
  • Platforms for video conferencing with recording and streaming capabilities
  • Capabilities for both wired and wireless presentations
  • Microphones are used to record audio.
  • Projection systems of exceptional quality

Our mission

Our goal is to create something that will help you achieve your goals.

Experience of 25 Years

We’ve been working in mission-critical environments for over 25 years. We have proven our ability to incorporate procedures, methodologies, and quality controls that ensure performance for our clients as an APEX Audiovisual Provider of Excellence.

Mission-Critical Mentality

The process of designing and implementing technologies for a command and control center is unlike any other. Reliability, consistency, redundancy, and preparation are not optional features; they are necessary. Our goal is to create something that will help you achieve your goals.

From conception to operation

Throughout the process of constructing, developing, or updating your command and control center, AGT’s professional AV integration team will work with you. Our assistance and experience do not stop until the project is completed. We’ll make sure you’re always prepared to help with any task, at any time.