Top AV Trends for 2021
The technology we once dreamed about and saw in movies has become a reality, and the rapid rate at which our society is advancing affects people from all walks of life, whether you consider yourself to be tech-savvy or not. These technological advances significantly alter our daily lives, but more importantly, they change the way we do business and teach future generations. The truth is you must stay up to date with av trends to remain innovative and relevant because the future waits for no one. And below, we highlight a few top AV trends you should know.



Digital Events

When sporting arenas and concert venues were forced to shut down amid the pandemic, event organizers were forced to adapt, but this wasn’t necessarily bad. Digital events have exploded in popularity, making more events accessible to those who wouldn’t otherwise have been able to participate. Millions of people have attended virtual concerts throughout the past year, solidifying the fact that, even as the pandemic comes to an end, digital events are here to stay.

For business owners and institutions, this top AV trend signals how imperative it is to place a high priority on hosting events like distance learning and video collaboration. With advanced audiovisual technology, such as the tools provided and installed by AV integrators like Applied Global Technologies, it’s possible to host digital events that provide a nearly identical experience to in-person events. As a result, your company can reach a broader audience due to the accessibility of attending a virtual event. In addition, it is less expensive to host a digital event in comparison to hosting an event at a live venue because there is no need for extraneous expenses like venue rental or travel.

The only tools needed to host a digital event are video conferencing software, a computer, Wi-Fi, a camera, and audio equipment, all of which can be taken care of by an audiovisual integration company. This leaves institutions more time to focus on the quality of the content in their presentation. Once the digital event is completed, measuring your event results is effortless because all the data is stored and organized on your computer. If you’re looking to generate new leads and keep current customers and students engaged, consider hosting a video conference or webinar.


Advanced Video and Audio Capabilities

Another top AV trend is the importance of adding advanced video and audio capabilities to your collaboration spaces. We’ve all been stuck in a video conference where the presenter spends 15 minutes organizing a bevy of tangled cords, or we can barely understand the presentation because of faulty microphones and poor audio quality. Such a fiasco can lead to your company appearing unprofessional, resulting in low audience engagement.

Business owners and educators must invest in high-quality audio and visual equipment for their conference centers, classrooms, and business meetings. With these tools, the presenter’s voice can be heard clearly from the back of the room while speaking at a natural level. Likewise, by using the proper video equipment, your audience can view the high-resolution images and video that we’ve all grown accustomed to. And if you’re using a high-quality microphone with beam-forming DSP technology, your speakers will no longer need to strain their voice and shout during a presentation.

Modern cameras offer a more comprehensive range of view, with pan-tilt-zoom capabilities for a more engaging visual experience. If your meeting space is small, all-in-one equipment is available for installation at a relatively low cost. Any investment made in upgrading your current audiovisual equipment is sure to serve your company and audience for years to come.


Applied Global Technologies

In our increasingly digital and fast-paced world, your company must stay up to speed on the top AV trends. Taking advantage of modern audiovisual technology is a surefire way to raise brand awareness, increase sales and grow your company to unprecedented heights. At Applied Global Technologies, we have more than 28 years of expertise in serving various companies, including Fortune 500 organizations, universities, and federal government entitiesSo, if you’re considering updating your audiovisual equipment, contact us today to evaluate your company.