AV integration may appear relatively simple to the untrained eye, but it’s a rather complex process that requires thorough planning and precise execution. Inexperienced AV integrators may install the most straightforward or least expensive solution instead of integrating sophisticated AV solutions that will best serve your organization in the long term. 

Working with experienced audiovisual integration specialists prevents many issues from occurring because they understand the art of proactive planning, which enables them to prevent problems before they occur. Before partnering with an AV integrator, consider the role of proactive planning and how you can use it to your advantage.

What Is Proactive Planning?

In general, “proactive planning” occurs when an individual or organization designs a desired outcome and invents ways to bring their plans to fruition in the real world. Proactive planning allows organizations to consciously create their future rather than being concerned with outside events beyond their control.

A prime example of this is how organizations adapted to COVID-19 upon the abrupt lockdown. This global event has completely altered the way that employees interact with one another in and outside of the workplace. Forward-looking companies with proper video conferencing software already in place were able to adapt and thrive, even when in-person meetings were not possible. Meanwhile, companies that did not plan proactively faced significant losses in productivity and project delays while employees did not have access to the tools necessary to communicate effectively.

Proactive planning allows AV integrators to work with your organization to discover issues within your AV systems and prevent them from growing into insurmountable problems. Additionally, proactive planning allows AV integrators to ensure that some issues never occur. The end result is reduced IT burden, user frustration, and system downtime for a frictionless user experience.

How Does Proactive Planning Relate to AV Integration?

Proactive planning is an integral part of effective AV integration. However, designing and implementing a fully functional AV system requires extensive knowledge that can only be gained through experience. Working with certified AV professionals allows your organization to reap the benefits of proactive planning, which include the following.

Proactive Planning Prevents AV System Downtime

When AV integrators can conceptualize and execute a plan effectively, they can prevent costly system downtime. Even the most minor AV system issues can grow into a huge, expensive problem that could have easily been avoided. With thoughtful AV design and proactive planning, AV integrators can create an AV system that suits your needs. Furthermore, routine maintenance from certified AV professionals makes it easier to ensure that all your elements function together properly.

Proactive Planning Extends the Life of Your Equipment

Certified AV professionals know how to monitor each component of your system, allowing your organization to utilize each piece of equipment for its maximum life expectancy. Since every piece of equipment has a scheduled end of life, your team of AV integrators can easily assess when the equipment will need to be replaced, which makes it possible for you to plan upgrades long before your equipment breaks down.

Proactive Planning Mitigates Any System Errors

Although installing AV equipment on your own may be tempting, AV integration is more complex than hanging a few displays and plugging them into an outlet. For the best results, each piece of AV equipment must be compatible with one another to create a system that functions as one unit.

Of course, even the most advanced AV system will still experience quirks or malfunctions from time to time. Consequently, it is of the utmost importance that you have access to reliable, onsite support and a team that will learn from each hiccup and proactively build preventative measures into your solutions.

How to Find Certified AV Professionals

When company leaders realize the importance of proactive planning and decide to upgrade their AV systems, it’s vital to seek assistance from certified AV professionals. Choosing the right team of AV professionals for your organization is essential and marks the beginning of a long-lasting partnership.

While there are several different AV certifications, the APEX certification is the most widely-known and trusted option for AV professionals. As such, the best AV professionals will have the APEX certification and the qualifications below.

Contact References

Any reputable AV company will have references and reviews to support its claims. When you’re looking for certified AV professionals, scour their website for case studies and images of their work. Additionally, you can contact the companies directly for further information about a potential candidate. Certified AV professionals will allow you to contact their satisfied clients with no hesitation.

Choose an Established AV Company

Before committing to an AV partner, inquire about how long the company has been in business. The more years of experience they have, the better. Experienced AV professionals can proactively plan for these changes as your organization expands and changes over time. Although new AV integrators may know how to implement an AV system today, AV integrators with decades of experience know how to anticipate new advancements and can adapt to your changing needs more effectively.

Ensure that AV Professionals Provide Support

Some AV integrators simply devise a plan and install your AV equipment, but certified AV professionals offer ongoing support that extends beyond emergency services. The best AV professionals will provide rapidly dispatched support, along with virtual help desk services that users can access at any time, from any location.

Verify Their Certification

The APEX certification is a proven way to verify an AV integrator’s skill set. This certification also demonstrates a commitment to continuing education while providing industry-leading service. Furthermore, APEX demands that the best AV integrators are well-versed in a wide range of AV products, including audio equipment, lighting, soundproofing tools, and various display screens. An APEX certification combined with years of experience provides evidence that you’ve selected AV integration specialists that are capable of providing high-quality solutions.

Leverage Proactive Planning with Applied Global

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