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Sustainability in the workplace is a necessity in the modern world. Organizations in every industry are transitioning to sustainable business practices that reduce their carbon footprint, and sustainable AV design is an integral part of creating an eco-friendly work environment.

Swapping your outdated AV technologies for energy-efficient solutions demonstrates your organization’s social responsibility while creating a better work environment for employees. Studies show that employees working in green workplaces are more productive and less likely to take sick days. Furthermore, top talent is attracted to sustainable organizations because it demonstrates their commitment to employee well-being.

Creating a sustainable work environment is easier than ever with the help of experienced audiovisual integrators. Consider implementing these sustainable practices for AV design to uplift your entire organization.

The Importance of Sustainable Business Practices 

Company leaders and decision-makers are beginning to realize the importance of incorporating sustainability within their organization’s infrastructure. However, when most people consider sustainable business practices, energy efficiency is the first topic that comes to mind.

Modern AV solutions allow organizations to reduce energy consumption without sacrificing high-quality AV design. When organizations work with experienced AV professionals early on, it is much easier to implement a sustainable AV design plan.

  • Environmental protection. Sustainable business practices help to protect the environment by reducing waste, conserving resources, and minimizing pollution. By adopting green technologies and practices, businesses can minimize their carbon footprint, conserve natural resources, and reduce their environmental impact.


  • Social Responsibility. Sustainable business practices also help to promote social responsibility by considering the impact of business operations on employees, customers, and communities. 


  • Regulatory compliance. In many cases, sustainable business practices are mandated by laws and regulations. By adopting sustainable practices, businesses can ensure compliance with these laws and avoid legal penalties and reputation damage.

Commitment to sustainable business practices is essential for the success and expansion of your organization. These practices create business value, improve your organization’s reputation, and reduce operating expenses.

How to Incorporate Sustainable AV Design 

Given the many benefits of sustainable AV design, incorporating these practices into your current business model is one of the most lucrative decisions you could make. Consider these sustainable AV design practices with the assistance of experienced AV professionals.

Choose a Sustainable AV Partner

When selecting an AV integrator, ensure you partner with a company with experience implementing eco-friendly AV solutions. The right AV partner will solidify your organization’s commitment to a sustainable work environment by integrating energy-efficient AV design with automation and effective device monitoring.

In order to confirm your AV integrator’s status as a sustainable business partner, ensure that they have a LEED (leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification to verify their knowledge of eco-friendly AV design. The LEED certification requires knowledge of reducing carbon footprints, conserving energy, and creating healthier buildings for employees.

Optimize Energy Use

Studies show that energy-efficient workplaces positively impact employee health by reducing psychological stress. When employees are in a healthy work environment, they experience fewer sick days, along with a reduction in asthma symptoms and respiratory illness.

Furthermore, energy-efficient AV design reduces operating expenses while enhancing your organization’s public image and increasing the market value of your office building. 

Audiovisual integration specialists will recommend ENERGY STAR-certified equipment when implementing new AV design because these devices use less power than other options. Furthermore, choose energy-efficient audio systems, projectors, and LED/LCDs when upgrading your AV equipment for a more eco-friendly office.

Implement Eco-Friendly Maintenance Practices

Building maintenance is an integral part of ensuring that daily operations run smoothly. Sustainable building maintenance is an effective way to reduce waste and environmental issues. In regards to AV design, sustainable maintenance practices include:

  • Performing scheduled audits of energy usage
  • Use IoT devices to monitor and control AV systems
  • Test smart sensors to ensure optimal energy efficiency
  • Upgrade AV equipment on a regular basis

Incorporating smart technologies into your AV design plan enables improved management and optimization. Since smart buildings continuously analyze data, the infrastructure will reduce resource consumption and operating expenses.

Upgrade Your AV Technology 

Keeping your AV technology up-to-date is a critical component of maintaining an eco-friendly work environment and integral to your organization’s overall success. When employees have access to the latest AV equipment, they can complete work with enhanced efficiency. Furthermore, keeping up with advances in AV technology allows your organization to attract tech-savvy talent.

Performing regularly scheduled maintenance on all AV devices ensures that you can recycle or donate the equipment that has reached the end of its useful life, significantly reducing environmental harm. 

Upgrading your AV technology also presents the opportunity for your organization to install newer, energy-efficient equipment. AV integration specialists may recommend LED light bulbs, Class-D audio amplifiers, and energy-efficient laser projectors. 

Work with the Natural Environment

Sustainable AV design functions in harmony with the natural environment instead of working against it. Incorporating natural elements into the office space is shown to reduce employee stress and enhance creativity. Although the two subjects may initially seem at odds, you can join components of biophilic office design and modern AV design with the assistance of experienced AV integrators.

Biophilic office design will incorporate natural colors, foliage, and a variety of textures. When addressing lighting and ventilation, AV integrators may incorporate operable windows to improve air circulation and warm artificial lighting that mimics the sunlight to support employee wellness. As AV integrators incorporate AV design practices that work with the natural environment, your organization will expand and employee satisfaction will increase.

Utilize Sustainable AV Design with Applied Global Technologies

If your organization is ready to harness the power of sustainable AV design, Applied Global Technologies (AGT) offers the professional guidance and implementation support you need. Our team has the tools and expertise to help your organization maximize your space.

To learn more about our AV solutions, contact us today. We’ll be happy to discuss your specific needs and recommend the right solution for your goals and budget.