Nureva Span

Nureva Span

Nureva Span Visual Collaboration System

The Nureva Span visual collaboration system is made for people looking to do great things – together. Create ideas. Share them. Debate them. Strengthen them. It’s all done within an expansive, cloud-based canvas that can be accessed as easily on your walls as from the device in your hand.

Span software makes it easy for groups to collaborate on a scale that nurtures deeper engagement with content and with each other. It takes the paper tools you’re used to – sticky notes, pencil sketches, flip charts – and transforms them into flexible digital versions that enhance the creative process.

Open an expansive virtual canvas to share ideas, with no barriers or distractions to hold back progress. Let everyone create, edit and organize their contributions in real time – whether they’re in the room or at a distance. Invite others to collaborate further, or share your results as a PDF or Excel® file. It’s that easy.

AGT is a Nureva Span authorized and certified dealer for the innovative Span visual collaboration system and the groundbreaking HDL 300 Audio Conferencing solution.

Span System Overview

The Nureva Span System is a solid-state illumination business tool with no limit to the number of people who can work within a canvas at the same time. The Span system offers teams an expansive digital canvas on which to share ideas, collaborate and solve problems. The combination of cloud-based software apps for personal devices and the interactive walls up to 30’2” long builds upon a process that all employees are familiar with.

The Nureva Span system creates a physical interactive board and a collaborative cloud based environment that simplifies exporting and sharing. For employers this will accelerate problem-solving and allows remote participation. The top three skills in the work place by 2020 will be complex problem solving, critical thinking and creativity; the Nureva Span System is the answer to the ever-changing landscape of business.

The Span System in Action

Agile Workflow Tool

The Nureva Span system is an agile workflow tool that helps teams to visualize their workflow as they collaborate, keeping them on track and aligned whether in the same office or distributed across the world. Bring more flexibility and creativity to sprint planning, stand-ups and retrospectives – they’ll never look quite the same again.


The Nureva Span system helps every student develop the skills they need for future success. Rather than passively consuming information, learners can capture their thoughts on personal devices, share them on an expansive canvas and then work with classmates to deepen understanding. Want to amplify student voice? Build more collaboration into PBL? With every teacher, every class and every student, we’re discovering new ways the Span system is transforming learning.

Design Thinking

The Nureva Span system creates a persistent digital space where problems are defined (and redefined), ideation is inclusive and design reviews are simple and collaborative. With the Span system, you’ll gather the best ideas from your teams and then work through them together, all on the same cloud-based canvas. See what happens when your design thinking process is supported by a solution that puts the focus on ideas, not technology.

User Testimonial

How the Nureva Span system improves project outcomes

Layne Thompson has worked on integrated construction projects for the past few years, and he’s sold on their ability to boost efficiencies, cut costs and save on labor that is in short supply in many areas. Thompson, vice president of Magleby Construction, employed such a process on a large residential project in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, allowing the team to slash $1 million in budgeted costs.

Thompson, who likes to plaster his walls with sticky notes, says the Nureva Span system can help IPD teams collaborate more effectively, especially when team members aren’t local.

“So many times we are doing a project where an engineer is in another town,” says Thompson, whose firm was the NAHB’s custom builder of the year in 2006 and 2016. “With the Span system, they can participate remotely – that’s key.”

The builder also says that the system’s ability to project the architect’s 3-D model on one part of a wall and the engineer’s documents on another allows all team members to see how they work together, enabling collaborative ideas and solutions.

“In construction, there isn’t always a clear path to follow,” Thompson says. The Span system’s ability to “build a scrum atmosphere that shows ideas and tasks and what’s completed greatly helps the process.”