Managed Video Services

Improve the Quality of Collaboration with Managed Services

Video collaboration solutions improve communication and cut costs, but only if they are properly managed and used correctly. With a live Help Desk, remote and onsite services, and a team of certified personnel – AGT serves as a proactive extension of your team, freeing your staff to concentrate fully on its mission and responsibilities.

Overcome Video Conferencing Frustrations with Managed Video Services

Managing communication and collaboration solutions requires expertise and commitment. As a result, management of audio visual and video conferencing solutions can drag down your team – especially IT departments. With managed video services from AGT, shift the responsibility of managing your video and A/V network to us. We ensure your collaboration environments are high-quality, consistent and proactively serviced, relieving your team of the stresses associated with barriers such as dropped calls, unproductive meetings and troubleshooting. Our managed services portfolio includes:

  • Managed Video Services for Audio Visual and Video Conferencing Solutions
  • Audio Visual and Video Conferencing Quality Monitoring and Alerts
  • Help Desk Services and Troubleshooting
  • Onsite Staffing for Audio Visual and Video Conferencing Operations
  • Audio Visual Integration and Engineering Design
  • Video Conferencing Design and Installation
  • Proactive and Break-fix Maintenance Management

Keep Video and A/V Assets Healthy

AGT’s video endpoint and audio visual management services include a remote software tool that proactively monitors the health of every single one of your video conferencing and A/V assets.

Audio Visual and Video Endpoint Management Services

  • Integrated A/V room systems management, monitoring and alerts
  • Video endpoint management, monitoring and alerts
  • IP video quality monitoring and alerts
  • Help Desk services and troubleshooting
  • Comprehensive Maintenance Services

Third Party Multipoint Control Unit (MCU) Management Services

  • MCU management
  • Manual call launching
  • Remote MCU support
  • Troubleshooting
  • Call scheduling


  • Enhance communication and collaboration for your organization
  • Reduce operational costs by eliminating headcount for infrastructure support
  • Repurpose IT headcount for new, strategic initiatives
  • Expand user reach and drive productivity
  • Eliminate excessive capex from infrastructure hardware investments
  • Experience quick returns on video and A/V investments.


Key Features

  • In-call performance statistics
  • Reporting capabilities
  • Fault management
  • Asset information
  • Historical call quality statistics

Vendor Agnostic

  • Cisco, Polycom, Lifesize
  • Crestron, AMX and more

Staff Augmentation

In addition to remote managed services, AGT offers strategic onsite support for organizations that need assistance managing collaboration equipment and services. Whether it’s one individual or a dedicated team, AGT has years of experience providing our clients qualified talent for onsite support. The result? You can finally focus on what really matters – your core initiatives and responsibilities.

AGT Onsite Staffing Services

Service and Support Pros

  • Project Managers
  • Audio Visual Technicians


Audio Visual and Video Conferencing Management Services

  • Management and operations of the A/V and video conferencing equipment
  • Help Desk support to assist end users with operational questions and problem resolution
  • Guidance to end users on the applications available through the A/V systems
  • Education and training on new technologies and conferencing applications


Fortune 500 Client

Applied Global Technology handled a full implementation of more than 200 Crestron Fusion Scheduling Panels, new audiovisual applications and a Crestron Media Switch, making it possible for the client to ensure consistency and efficiency for every user in every meeting room. AGT creatively designed room configurations and standardized the new AV equipment with automation and simplicity to promote a user-friendly experience.

Fortune 500 Client

Applied Global Technologies was able to provide the client with managed video services for
the entire global video network. AGT’s expert AV integrators listened acutely to the client’s
unique needs, given their size and necessity for seamless communication technologies. After
a full assessment of the environment and video network was concluded, AGT developed and
successfully rolled out a customized managed video service tailored to the client’s needs.


“The company’s impressive depth of services include hosted, managed and supplemental services to enterprises that covers scheduled bridging services, meeting room bridging services, group and desktop video, over the internet or within the enterprise network, thus satisfying every requirement.”