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When installing an audiovisual system, there are many considerations, from price point to software integration. To ensure the longevity and functionality of their investment, organizations must also consider AV systems support and how they intend to handle technical issues when they occur.

In the realm of technology, eventual system errors are inevitable, so it is of the utmost importance that you have access to a team of experts that are prepared to handle any problems that may arise. Although some companies choose to leave simple maintenance to their in-house IT team, this generally isn’t the best option for complex audiovisual systems. Ultimately, it’s most effective to employ audiovisual specialists who work with these systems every day and are well-versed in troubleshooting and finding dynamic solutions quickly.

When it comes to keeping system errors from affecting your workflow, here are five benefits of working with audiovisual integration specialists for your AV systems support.


1. AV Integrators Know Your System Inside and Out

Effective AV integration requires in-depth knowledge of your audiovisual equipment — including how each piece of equipment fits into a system where all devices function together seamlessly. No two audiovisual systems are alike, so to ensure your system integrates each device perfectly with your workflow, AV specialists will adapt it to your unique needs and goals.

Premier audiovisual integrators will create a system that suits your organization and provide ongoing support in the event that technical issues occur. When you work with the same audiovisual team for installation and maintenance, it becomes easier to find the root of each issue and resolve system errors. The audiovisual integrators who create your system will already have a profound understanding of its intricacies and can solve technical problems more quickly as a result.


2. Reduced Operational Costs

Professional AV system installation and maintenance can save your organization a significant amount in operating costs for several reasons. The first is that when an outsourced team addresses audiovisual support, your IT staff has time to focus on other issues within your organization without being overburdened or stretched too thin between tasks.

Furthermore, if you intend to handle AV systems support in-house, it’s costly to hire additional team members to account for the extra work. Outsourcing IT support is significantly less expensive than the investment of increased staff. Plus, hiring a team of audiovisual installation and maintenance professionals mitigates the expenses involved in the hiring process and training for your in-house team.


3. Specialized Knowledge

To the untrained eye, audiovisual systems may appear to be simple. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Audiovisual integration requires a combination of lighting, audio, visual, and sound equipment, along with compatible software that works together as a cohesive network. While installing these systems can be challenging, providing support can be even more difficult for someone who lacks the expertise necessary to understand how these systems function. Audiovisual integration specialists possess the in-depth knowledge required to offer you the best upgrades and repairs, keeping your systems not just functional but optimized and up to date.


4. Limits Productivity Loss

When your audiovisual system isn’t functioning properly, it can cause significant internal issues because employees and clients are unable to communicate with one another effectively. Depending on the scope of your issue and the work model of your staff, team members may not be able to share information with one another at all. If this occurs, your organization could be paralyzed for days. Furthermore, if clients cannot communicate with your organization, it can tarnish your professional reputation.

Audiovisual support specialists are able to provide fast, knowledgeable assistance, empowering your team to maximize productivity and stay in communication with clients. Audiovisual support specialists have the expertise to assess the problem and implement a solution quickly so that your organization can return to daily operations as soon as possible.


5. Pro Support Can Accommodate Various Needs

Audiovisual system maintenance is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Typically, audiovisual integrators will provide multiple options to ensure well-rounded AV support to system challenges of any scope. Organizations may need several support options, including the following:

  • Remote technical support allows your company to contact an audiovisual support specialist the moment that issues occur. These issues can generally be resolved via phone or email, making remote support the ideal option for minor technical problems.
  • On-site dispatch support is deployed when remote technical support is not able to provide an adequate solution. Professional technicians will come out to diagnose and address issues on location. At Applied Global, we strive to provide assistance within one business day so that your organization can minimize downtime and maximize productivity.
  • Preventative support, which may also be referred to as routine maintenance, keeps your systems operating smoothly. Audiovisual specialists will regularly run diagnostics on your entire system to ensure that everything is functioning properly. If there are any issues developing, experts can quickly resolve them before they interrupt your team’s workflow.


Audiovisual Installation and Support with Applied Global

Reliable, ongoing AV systems support is crucial for maintaining an engaging environment for employees and ensuring that daily operations run well. At Applied Global, we have over 50 industry certifications that demonstrate our team’s ability to create, install, and service audiovisual systems. Our team of audiovisual professionals will work with your team directly to develop an audiovisual system that accommodates your facilities, then keep that system at optimal performance.

When inevitable system errors occur, our team of support specialists is on-hand to maintain, troubleshoot, and repair your audiovisual system. As stated in our CARES Agreement, our team at Applied Global ensures that customer satisfaction always comes first. As a result, we provide support within the same business day. At the same time, our CTS Certified Engineers ensure that all completed solutions have been executed properly to prevent more issues from occurring.

Our fully certified support staff, with over 25 years of AV service and support experience, provides a variety of support solutions — including unlimited remote support, expedited replacement or repair of hardware, and an online web portal. In the event that an issue occurs, we also offer on-site technician dispatch services.

At Applied Global, we’ve helped organizations in various industries meet the audiovisual integration goals. If you’re interested in learning more about our installation and support services, contact us today.



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