The True Power of Connection in AV Integration



“What could be more important than what we do?”

There are many connections that happen in AV design and integration, from wi-fi connections and equipment hookups to networking, video collaboration, designing setups, and more. However, there is one connection that many companies forget about, and that’s the power of personal connection and a long-lasting relationship. I want to share something that reignited my passion for what we do at Applied Global Technologies.

I had the pleasure of attending an annual review meeting with one of our longest-standing clients. Our team has been honored to serve this client for more than 15 years in one capacity or another.  It was the close of yet another contract year and the beginning of the next.  As time has gone by, nearly all the faces and names have changed, but we’ve steadily and consistently been there to help support them in their mission.

As we sat in one of their conference rooms reviewing all the important events from the previous year, planning and strategizing for the next, some words were spoken that really hit home for me. “What could be more important than what we do?” This was the question that was presented as more of a statement of fact by our client. They are a Department of Defense client, so I can’t divulge who or what vital things are being done. But I can confirm that they are doing some important things.

That statement, at that moment, immediately put things back into perspective for me. Indeed, I knew this client and what their mission was. I hadn’t forgotten that. But I had lost that perspective. Perhaps not just for that client, but for all of them. Here are a few things AGT offers its customers aside from world-class AV integration and video collaboration setups.


Unmatched Client Satisfaction

Our team stays very focused on making sure we do a great job and keep our clients very happy.  After all, client satisfaction and retention are crucial things for us.  We are always very focused, keeping our eye on the latest trends and opportunities to bring our clients continued success.  But it is also important for us to take a step back and remember that what we do for our clients matters.


Understanding Our Customers’ Role

We design things; we sell things; we install things; we fix things.  It’s all very transactional. I think we so often overlook the fact that our clients are doing some amazing and instrumental things. Not because we don’t care — we care a lot, but it’s a thing that can happen when you’re solely focused on meeting customer needs. Our clients often impact the world around them with the very same audio-visual solutions we design, build and support.

The solutions that we design for our clients are powering and facilitating communications, meetings, collaboration, and decision-making.  Sometimes lives are at stake when these technologies are being used.  Other times crucial decisions are being made.  At the very least, people are being brought together to share ideas and information. It is a humbling concept to consider, and we’re grateful to be an integral part of their process.


Our Versatility Influences Our Approach

We work with a variety of different clients from all segments of the market, and we partner with many prime contractors and service providers.  AGT has clients from the Department of Defense, State and Federal Government Agencies, Fortune 1000 companies, hospitals, prisons, schools, colleges, and universities.  Each of them has their own unique and wonderful mission that they carry out.  To them, no mission is more important or more valuable than their own. Because of our versatility and expertise in serving multiple industries and companies, we can find the perfect solution for any need.


Applied Global Technologies: Here for You

We are so fortunate to be chosen by our clients to be their trusted technology partners.  Many of them have believed in us enough to remain clients for 10, 15, or more years.  Those words “what can be more important than what we do” reminded me of how important it is that we are always there to help our clients fulfill their mission. That is the true power of connection in AV integration.

If your company has any AV solution needs, we hope that you consider AGT. Know that with us, you can customize your own plan to suit your needs, eliminate risk, and manage your collaboration environments. But most importantly, you gain a trusted partner.

Interested in partnering together on your next audio-visual project? Contact our team today!