Brenau University

Brenau University

The Challenge

Brenau, a tech-savvy school that started offering online courses in 2002, wanted to provide the classes and serve those dedicated students, but didn’t have an easy way to allow a single instructor to teach students at each of the school campuses simultaneously.

60+ InFocus Monopads

Integration of 60+ InFocus Mondopads at multiple campuses to maximize the school’s instructional resources.

1 Day Install & Configuration

AGT identified a design and implementation plan to ensure each campus’ install would be complete in one day.


InFocus Mondopads

Brenau University wanted an all-in-one device that combined video calling, sharing presentations and note taking. They decided to standardize on InFocus Mondopad, the large-format touchscreen display with an on-board Windows PC and built-in collaboration apps for executive-quality video calling, digital white boarding and Internet browsing.

With Mondopad, a teacher could share and write on a presentation over a video call and teach not only the students in the room, but those in the satellite locations as well.

1 Day Installation for each Campus

AGT managed the project by bringing in dozens of Mondopads in-house and handled Mondopad firmware updates, Mondopad software updates, Windows updates and configured the basic preferences settings requested by Brenau’s IT Department.

In addition, AGT identified a design and implementation plan to ensure each campus’ install would be complete in one day. Therefore, disruption of existing class schedules was minimized.

Dan Odom

Dan Odom

Instructional Technology Specialist

AGT’s audio visual integration expertise helped us achieve our goal of maximizing the school’s instructional resources with forward-thinking technology that can reach educators and students on campus and off. The design, project management and customer service we have received from AGT during the Mondopad implementation has been top-notch. We look forward to working with AGT as they continue to support our campus and Mondopad environment.

The Results

From mathematics to psychology, anatomy to music, and interior design to the dance studio, classrooms on all eight Brenau University campuses have Mondopads to help educate students across the room and across the region at the same time.

According to Odom, standardizing on Mondopads and working with AGT has greatly improved Brenau’s educational capabilities. Students are eager to interact with the device and it has helped teachers create a better, more interactive, hands-on teaching environment for the students to learn in.

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