live video streams in education


Over the past 20 years, the eLearning industry has grown 900% and access to online education is more important than ever before. In early 2020, video streaming became integral to continuing education in light of social distancing regulations. Research from Covideo found that student engagement increases when video and live streaming is incorporated into lesson plans at least once a week. Furthermore, research from Cisco found that two-thirds of teachers believe video education enhances student learning.

The internet and live streaming go hand-in-hand with one another regarding education. As live streaming classrooms and online education become a regular occurrence, education becomes more accessible, and educators start to realize there is more to video collaboration than online classes. Educators can use live video streaming to enrich their lesson plans and connect with parents outside the classroom.

While video collaboration technology simplifies online learning, this is only the beginning of the rewards that live streaming offers educational institutions. With the right online video education platform and equipment, nearly any educational institution can reap the benefits of live video streaming.


The Most Important AV Tools for Live Streaming Video

When educators consider live streaming content, they often envision using their personal devices, such as their phones or laptop. However, using a single camera with no external audio can make it challenging to relay information successfully. As an educator, working with audiovisual integration specialists is crucial to ensure that you choose AV equipment that allows faculty to reach their goals.

When evaluating your goals, consider ways that technology can help you create your desired results. Educators that understand how to leverage this technology can cultivate a more collaborative, engaging learning environment. Teachers that are accommodating a large classroom setting may require multiple cameras for optimal results, while others can make do with a single camera.

In a blended learning environment, educators benefit greatly from professional displays and projectors that enable students to experience crystal clear visuals if they are live streaming directly from the classroom. Meanwhile, external webcams would allow educators to communicate even when they are outside of a traditional classroom setting. 

However, the visual components of live video streaming require support from high-quality audio tools. Some educators may choose a clip-on microphone, also called a lapel or lavalier mic, so they can quickly move throughout the room with hands-free operation. Since these microphones are positioned near the speaker’s mouth, they are unlikely to pick up on external noises. Sometimes, educators may prefer a handheld microphone for live streaming purposes. Furthermore, many classrooms have built-in hanging microphones for improved hybrid learning.

Although educators may overlook the importance of lighting, the right fixtures can genuinely elevate your entire live streaming session. Warm, soft LED lights illuminate the picture and enhance the live streaming video experience without “washing out” the overall image.


How Can Educators Incorporate Live Video Streams Into Their Lesson Plans?

Recently, some schools have resumed in-person classes, but even students who generally attend class in-person can experience the benefits of live video streaming. Educators that host online lectures and review sessions will quickly see that live streaming facilitates the same level of interaction students would experience in class. In contrast, students benefit significantly from the increased flexibility that live streaming offers.

Education continues far outside of the classroom. A student’s ability to succeed is based partly on their ability to access resources that will support their experience inside the school. As the online learning industry grows, 62% of teachers believe that videos increase a lesson plan’s effectiveness. Consider incorporating live streaming in the following ways to improve your lesson plans.

Extra Credit Seminars

Sometimes, students express interest in specific niches that are not vital to the rest of a course’s curriculum. Educators should consider hosting extra credit seminars to enhance their regular curriculum if this is the case. Although the information provided may not be necessary to succeed in your course, it will enrich the learning experience for students keenly interested in a particular subject while boosting their grades.

Furthermore, live streaming extra credit seminars are an excellent way to incorporate additional information from lecturers and guest speakers who are not local to your area. With video collaboration technology, students can ask questions and interact with the speaker just as they would in person. Entertaining activities of this nature will enrich your lesson plans from any location.

Review Sessions

The primary benefit of live video streaming in education is improved accessibility. When students are not adept at a specific subject or have other commitments that impinge upon their ability to attend class, online review sessions give them the opportunity to rehash critical concepts. Virtual review sessions make it easier for teachers to accommodate students that couldn’t make it to class. Meanwhile, educators can proceed with their current lesson plans without leaving other students behind.

Teachers should consider reviewing more than information from the previous lesson plans. Harness the total power of live video streams by reviewing the curriculum from past weeks or months to encourage information retention. With live video streaming, students can connect with one another in real-time and discuss the curriculum, further enhancing the overall learning experience.

Get Parents Involved

When parents have the opportunity to become active in their child’s educational experience, it benefits all parties involved. First off, parents learn more about their child’s day-to-day activities, and they know more about how they can better support their child. Furthermore, there is substantial evidence that parent involvement improves a student’s academic performance. When parents are involved, students experience increased motivation, improved behavior, and better attendance.

Start every school year off on the right foot with a live video streaming session for parents. This gives educators the opportunity to discuss the year ahead so that parents and teachers are on the same page. Inform them about the topics you’re interested in covering and provide an overview of the year ahead in the same way you would with students. When teachers spark parent engagement, students can feel confident and secure throughout the entire school year.