The Importance of Industry Certifications for A/V Integrators

A few weeks ago AGT announced five of our staff engineers achieved InfoComm CTS or CTS-I status. InfoComm offers three types of certifications, including the general CTS, an A/V systems design specialization (CTS-D), and an A/V systems installation specialization (CTS-I). With the latest CTS and CTS-I certifications, AGT’s team of audio visual professionals have all three distinctions, among several other certifications from the industry’s top manufacturers. We also have a Crestron Diamond Level Master Programmer and an AMX Solutions Master on staff. So, what’s the big deal? Our A/V, Sales, Client Care and IT teams have some of the highest industry certifications attainable, which is something that really sets us apart.

Earning our most recent CTS certifications got us thinking – why are industry certifications so important for A/V integrators to possess? Here’s our take:

They demonstrate dedication and strong character.

Earning industry certifications is no easy task – most require countless hours of training, studying, application and testing. Oftentimes our teams have to complete classes and take exams in a very short period of time, adding to the demands of their already arduous day jobs. To become a certified A/V expert, you have to be steadfast and possess a desire to take your technical proficiency to the next level.

Certifications reassure current and potential clients of your competency and expertise.

Not only do industry certifications help A/V integrators sharpen their skills, but they also reassure clients that you are ready, willing and able to tackle their toughest projects. You probably wouldn’t trust a surgeon who didn’t have a degree from an accredited medical school – just as clients are less likely to work with and trust A/V integrators who are not certified. The more certifications you have, the more of an expert you become at your craft, making you more attractive to current and potential clients.

They represent a commitment to superior customer service.

Industry certifications and accreditations help integrators meet the demands of their clients. Superior customer service means knowing your stuff and knowing how to fix your client’s problems (among other things), which can best be achieved through certifications and extensive training.

What certifications do you think are most important for A/V integrators to possess? Tell us below!