AGT Team Work

We’ve all read the articles that highlight the benefits of video conferencing for businesses, with reduced travel expenses, increased productivity and improved communication usually topping the lists. While all of these benefits are true, we want to shed some light on how video conferencing improves our corporate culture in addition to our business success. Yes, we actually use the cloud video conferencing service we offer, and we love it!

Visual Connections from Anywhere

Most companies today have dispersed locations, and AGT is no exception. With our headquarters in Georgia, part of our executive team in Florida, an A/V team that’s always on the go and several remote employees onsite at customer locations – it’s almost impossible for entire teams to connect on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis in person. That’s where video conferencing comes in. We are able to visually connect with our remote teams with the click of a button, and it truly is like being in the same room with them. We are even able to share, edit and provide feedback on weekly plans or presentations, allowing us to foster true collaboration. Physical meetings are not always viable, and video conferencing allows us to connect every day in ways that phone calls and emails cannot.

Interactive & Interesting Meetings

One of the best ways we have found to improve our corporate culture is to make meetings more interesting and effective through the use of video conferencing and content sharing. Research shows that employees are more likely to engage and show interest in meetings where there’s actual conversation and interaction happening, which can best be accomplished by face-to-face video conferencing when in-person meetings are not feasible. Additionally, our employees are able to visually connect with our CEO and c-suite on a regular basis, something that simply would not be possible otherwise.

Employee Empowerment & Satisfaction

One of the things we love most about using video conferencing regularly is our ability to work remote and collaborate from anywhere. This not only gives our employees a sense of empowerment – as it makes their schedules much more flexible – but it also allows them to keep their work-life balance in check. We see a greater sense of work-related satisfaction when we allow our employees to work when and how they want to by using video conferencing to connect, and at the end of the day we want our employees to be happy.

These are just a few ways video conferencing helps improve our corporate culture at AGT. How does video conferencing help your corporate culture?