How to Ensure Clear Audio in Your Meeting Rooms

The workplace has undergone drastic transformations in just a few years. As more organizations adapt to hybrid and remote working environments, technologically advanced meeting rooms remain an increasingly crucial component of effective collaboration and communication. 

Clear audio is essential for organizations that foster authentic connections between employees and clientele. While video conferencing systems are important as well, they require the support of advanced audio technology to ensure that remote communication bears the semblance of face-to-face communication. If you’re having issues with your sound system or are simply interested in modernizing your processes, consider the following tips for easy-to-hear audio at all times.

Why Is Clear Audio Necessary?

Studies from EPOS state that 87% of decision-makers believe poor audio quality caused significant issues within their organization during the past year. And supplementary data shows that their assertions are correct, with studies showing that audio issues have created 31 additional minutes of work for the average end user. In other words, if your organization has more than 100 employees, you could be losing nearly $70,000 in revenue per year.

Furthermore, the same study from EPOS found that 63% of global end-users experienced audio-related issues during business conversations. Spotty audio connections and background noise break the line of communication between users, which weakens professional relationships and incites additional issues due to miscommunication.

Although video conferencing equipment aids in visual communication, such as facial expression and body language, the vast majority of information will be transmitted via sound, making audio crucial. But if users have a negative reaction to poor audio quality, they’re more likely to cut meetings short. 

In contrast, high-quality audio increases engagement and understanding while ensuring that your team remains unified during meetings. In hybrid and remote work environments, a professional audio setup allows your team to communicate and collaborate effectively with peers in any setting.

How to Achieve Clear Audio with AV Technology

Meeting room audio systems are a vital component of in-office and remote collaboration, whether your employees are hosting presentations, touching base with clients, or connecting with remote colleagues. However, it is only possible to reap the full benefits of advanced audio technology with the assistance of audiovisual integration professionals.

Audio technology performs differently in every environment in relation to the room’s acoustics. This becomes incredibly complex when because most meeting rooms are constructed with optics in mind. However, audiovisual integration experts can recommend the following AV solutions to ensure crystal-clear audio in every environment.

Speakers Arranged for Even Sound Distribution

Proper speaker placement and configuration are vital for optimal sound quality. If your meeting rooms are consistently experiencing spotty volume and sound levels, it may be time to upgrade your speakers.

There are several factors that dictate which speaker installation is ideal for your meeting rooms. To begin with, the room’s layout will affect the number of speakers you will need to install. It is important that your sound remains at the same level regardless of where participants are standing or sitting. Furthermore, AV integrators will assess the room’s ceiling height and size. Generally speaking, more speakers will improve the sound quality, regardless of user dispersion throughout the room. 

If you’re not concerned about aesthetics and your ADA regulations allow mounting speakers to walls, feel free to install visible speakers within your meeting room. However, many organizations utilize ceiling-recessed speakers. This reduces the likelihood of extraneous sound traveling into other rooms and eliminates clutter for a clean, minimalist appearance.

Microphones Strategically Placed for Optimal Clarity

When employees are hosting a video or audio call in the meeting room, it’s essential that all participants can be adequately heard. If microphones are not distributed evenly across the room, it will be difficult for some participants to contribute to discussions, thereby hindering collaboration.

Ensure clear communication in your meeting rooms by allowing AV professionals to install ceiling-mounted microphones that record 360-degree audio. The most advanced microphones will automatically mix conversations to ensure even sound distribution for listeners. Additionally, these microphones will reduce background noises, such as shuffling papers and tapping pens.

Sound Masking Technology to Ensure Privacy

Today, meeting rooms often have thin walls that can impinge upon privacy during discussions. The ideal remedy for these issues is soundproofing materials which may come in the form of acoustic panels that resemble those used in recording studios. Other viable soundproofing solutions include curtains and blinds. These materials are essential when communicating in hybrid and remote work environments.

However, these solutions don’t perform well in meeting rooms with glass walls that are growing in popularity. In this instance, audiovisual integrators may suggest a sound masking system that plays ambient noise over speakers installed in-ceiling. This clever AV solution will ensure that conversations and background noise fade into the background while meeting room participants can collaborate easily.

Sound Processing Equipment for a Seamless Audio System

Digital signal processors arrange multiple inputs so that participants can use them with recorders, amplifiers, and other sound devices. The correct measurement software will model the meeting room’s acoustics, which ensures proper device placement and high-quality sound.

For instance, echo cancellation software will ensure that each piece of sound equipment does not interfere with the performance of another, which maintains sound quality. When these components are utilized in conjunction with an advanced control interface, the meeting room audio systems can seamlessly function together.

Experience Crystal Clear Audio with Applied Global

Video conferencing equipment may be essential, but it’s nothing without support for the right audio equipment. But with so many moving parts, it’s vital that all of the audiovisual equipment is compatible and suits your organization’s unique needs. By doing so, you can ensure that their employees and clients have the tools necessary to communicate effectively at any time or place.

At Applied Global Technologies (AGT), we offer a wide range of AV solutions designed to improve workplace productivity. Our team has the tools and expertise to help your business make the most of its shared office space.

To learn more about our AV solutions, contact us today. We’ll be happy to discuss your specific needs and recommend the right solution for your business needs and budget.