How to Create a Wellness Room with AV Technology

Workers in every industry are vulnerable to the effects of work-related stress. Whether your employees are juggling many clients or striving to meet tight deadlines, there are actions you can take to improve the work environment and allow employees to decompress. Creating a wellness room is the first step to a balanced, healthy workplace in which your employees will thrive.

Wellness rooms provide relief from a demanding day at work. Instead of a loud, noisy breakroom, employees can spend a few minutes in a calming space that evokes a sense of serenity. With a high-quality wellness room empowered by advanced audiovisual technology, your employees can return to their work re-energized and ready for a productive day.

The Connection Between Technology and Wellness

In the past, corporate break rooms comprised an office pantry and a dining area where employees could unwind during lunch breaks. However, the modern break room doubles as a wellness area where employees can care for their physical and mental health. 

Today, smart design is integral to creating a healthy work environment in which productivity and wellness are equally balanced. As many organizations transition to open-floor plans, sustainable environments, and co-working spaces, they’re also creating wellness rooms where employees can relax.

A wellness room can enhance any office, but they are most important for workers in high-stress industries. For instance, the AV integration specialists at Applied Global Technologies created a wellness room in which law enforcement officers can mitigate the effects of work-related trauma and stress. Wellness rooms like these allow employees to maintain productivity in high-stress work environments.

The Most Important AV Technologies for Your Wellness Room

Wellness rooms typically don’t require an extensive audiovisual setup. However, certain AV technologies can enhance your wellness room and create a tranquil environment.

Controlled Lighting

Proper lighting is an essential component of any wellness room. Since most employees with desk jobs do not receive enough natural light during the day, incorporating natural light in your wellness room may be beneficial if possible. However, audiovisual integrators may also recommend including ceiling-recessed, dimmable lights, so employees can have a wellness room experience that suits their needs.

Sound Masking Technology

While sound masking technology is integral to most conference rooms, it can also be beneficial within a corporate wellness room. Sound-masking technology creates a consistent soundscape and reduces distraction from outside noises. Soundproofing technologies in your wellness room may include acoustic panels, curtains, and blinds.

Audiovisual Displays

There are many different types of audiovisual displays, but LED displays are the ideal solution for your employee wellness room. LED displays use 30% to 70% less energy than other display types. They also have a longer lifespan, and they’re more environmentally friendly. Employees can use these displays to view calming imagery, guided meditations, and even instructional exercise videos.

The 3 Most Popular Types of Wellness Rooms

The wellness room you design should align with your company culture and serve as an extension of your office space. If you’re not sure where to start, these wellness room ideas will help you create a safe space for employees to unwind.

1. Exercise Rooms

Employees often develop health problems that are the direct cause of inactivity. Since corporate workers typically work seated at a computer for hours, creating a wellness room for exercise can help employees avoid the adverse effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

If your office building has the space, consider installing fitness equipment to ensure that your employees can meet the one-hour-a-day minimum of exercise. Many companies choose to install treadmills, stationary bikes, and weights. 

Audiovisual integrators may also recommend AV displays, such as a projector or LED display for entertainment purposes. Employees may use these displays to watch instructional and entertainment videos while working out. If you choose to create a fitness wellness room, also ensure that the room has proper ventilation and lighting.

You may encourage employees to use the fitness room by promoting the benefits of regular exercise, scheduling group fitness classes, and providing incentives for employees that regularly use the exercise room.

2. Rest and Relaxation Rooms

Sometimes, the mental and physical demands of jobs in specific industries can negatively impact employees. For instance, getting up early to commute or staying late at work often means that employees do not have the time to decompress. 

Creating a rest and relaxation room will improve your employees’ mental and physical health. Most people know that excessive stress sets the stage for serious health problems, but the effects of burnout will also hinder your company’s performance. In fact, burnout costs the U.S. more than $300 billion a year in absenteeism, diminished productivity, medical bills, and legal fees. However, a rest and relaxation room can help employees avoid burnout.

A rest and relaxation room generally does not require extensive audiovisual equipment, but the right AV technology can certainly enhance the ambiance. It may be beneficial to include comfortable seating arrangements, a massage chair, and adjustable lighting fixtures. Many rest and relaxation wellness rooms also have an audiovisual display where employees can view relaxing imagery and meditation videos.

3. Meditation Spaces

Stressed employees are three times as likely to leave their job, but meditation is shown to reduce stress and lower cortisol levels. Incorporating a meditation wellness room into your workplace will decrease work-related stress so that employees can be their most productive and mindful throughout the day.

In your meditation wellness room, consider installing sound-masking technology to reduce environmental noise and create a quiet, relaxing space for employees to unwind. Soft lighting will also make it easier for employees to center themselves. 

Make sure you also provide comfortable seating arrangements and a few natural elements, such as flowing water or air-purifying plants, to create a tranquil environment. Some companies also install speakers that continuously play meditation music. These simple changes can help your organization create a more positive work environment.

Create Your Company Wellness Room with Applied Global

If your organization wants to leverage the power of wellness rooms, Applied Global Technologies (AGT) offers the professional guidance and implementation support you need. Our team has the tools and expertise to help your organization make the most of your space.

To learn more about our AV solutions, contact us today. We’ll be happy to discuss your specific needs and recommend the right solution for your goals and budget.