How to Create a Modern Meeting Room Setup

The corporate world might be moving away from cold, segmented cubicles to open floor plans, but meeting rooms remain the best place for collaboration between business leaders. However, your meeting room setup must have the proper AV design and layout to encourage effective communication and collaboration.

Studies show that about 46% of employees feel their meetings are a waste of time, and the average worker spends about three hours a week in meetings. Even so, the proper meeting room setup can reduce inefficient time management to ensure a smooth collaborative process from start to finish.

A modern meeting room setup is essential for large meetings, confidential discussions, and formal gatherings. With the assistance of AV integration professionals, your organization can create a modern meeting room setup for successful communication.


The Best Types of Meeting Room Setups

Your meeting room setup should be comfortable, quiet, and private. As organizations transition to an open office environment, the conference room remains ideal for productive collaboration requiring uninterrupted focus. Although all meeting room setups have common characteristics, some styles are better than others, depending on the industry type and the company’s needs. Consider the following meeting room styles before consulting AV professionals.


Boardroom Style

When most people envision a meeting room setup, the boardroom style is the first image that comes to mind. This style features a long table with chairs that simultaneously seat about two dozen people. 

A boardroom-style conference room is ideal for organizations that frequently host agenda-focused meetings with ample interaction from all participants. However, you can also utilize the boardroom-style meeting room for quick meetings and brainstorming sessions.


Hollow Square Style

The hollow square style utilizes four tables set in a rectangular shape. Organizations typically use this meeting room setup for meetings where small groups of employees perform different tasks but are led by a group leader or panel. Although the hollow square meeting room setup is excellent for presentations, it has certain limits for collaboration from remote attendees.


U-Shape Style

The U-shape style meeting room is similar to the boardroom style because it is meant to accommodate up to two dozen people while allowing space for collaboration and note-taking. In most cases, organizations employ a U-shape style meeting room set up in areas that will be used for video conferences and presentations with a single primary speaker. The U-shape conference room draws attention towards the front of the room, making them the ideal choice for remote video calls.


Auditorium Style

As one can imagine, an auditorium meeting room requires a large amount of space with rows of chairs positioned in front of a stage. Most organizations utilize an auditorium-style meeting room set up in areas where they expect many people to attend an event. If your organization hosts many audiovisual presentations and webinars, it may be useful to use an auditorium-style meeting room setup. 


AV Design for the Modern Meeting Room Setup

AV equipment is an essential component of any meeting room setup. Employees and clients will utilize these tools to collaborate in the office and from remote locations. Effective AV design requires a complex mix of video conferencing equipment, reliable connectivity, and readily available IT support. These tips will help you modernize your meeting room setup.


Choose the Right Conference Room Equipment

 A modern meeting room setup will require in-office participants to communicate with remote participants. Consequently, advanced video conferencing equipment is essential. Employees can utilize this equipment to communicate with remote participants and easily share content.

When selecting equipment for your meeting room setup, ensure that your employees have access to high-quality microphones and speakers, which may be installed in-ceiling, on-table, or in a soundbar below the visual display. AV integrators may also recommend installing PTZ cameras for a dynamic viewing experience and an interactive whiteboard that allows employees to share and edit documents in real time.


Ensure Sufficient Bandwidth

Conference room technology requires a stable internet connection, especially when an organization has a large number of employees. AV integrators may suggest a wired internet connection for your meeting room setup. A wired internet connection is reliable and provides enhanced security when sending and receiving confidential information.

Modern meeting room setups typically employ wired and wireless connectivity so that participants can easily connect to their mobile devices during meetings. Ideally, your meeting room setup will utilize a wired internet connection for AV equipment along with a wireless internet connection for employees and clients.


Utilize Room Management Software

Your meeting room setup should facilitate effective communication through video conferencing and in-person meetings. Room management software will reduce friction and minimize confusion regarding who uses the meeting room at any given time.

In this case, AV integrators recommend an interactive display board outside the meeting room that states who is using the room and the meeting duration. Staff can also utilize these displays to schedule meetings. The visual confirmation will ensure that business operations remain organized.


Get IT Support for Your Meeting Room Technology

Even the most advanced meeting room setup will require maintenance and could malfunction. Ensure that you have IT support available to minimize disruptions or downtime. 

AV integration specialists at Applied Global provide customers with a virtual help desk service, complete with self-help information and support from customer service representatives. With these tools, quick, easy access to IT support is readily available with only a mobile device and QR code for each system user. And, of course, an onsite technician dispatch is available at the touch of a button.


Create a Modern Meeting Room Setup with Applied Global

The right meeting setup can streamline internal operations and facilitate effective communication, but creating a modern meeting room setup is a complex process that requires support from experienced AV professionals. If your organization is seeking assistance from AV specialists, Applied Global Technologies (AGT) offers various AV solutions to improve workplace productivity. Our team has the tools and expertise to help your business make the most of its shared office space.

To learn more about our AV solutions, contact us today. We’ll be happy to discuss your specific needs and recommend the right solution for your business and budget.