How to Choose the Best AV Integrator

In an era of fast-paced technological innovation, organizations in every industry drive growth in cut-throat markets by leveraging the power of technology. The audiovisual systems put together by a highly skilled AV integrator is critical to this process.

Organizations navigating communication amid a dispersed workforce are upgrading AV systems to accommodate their changing needs. However, it’s crucial that you choose an experienced AV integrator that will help you implement AV solutions that are easy to use, functional, and visually appealing.

If you’re ready to upgrade your organization’s AV setup and you’re not sure where to start, these simple tips will help your organization find the right partner to help you integrate improved AV systems.

What Does an AV Integrator Do?

AV integrators set up and manage audiovisual systems to meet your unique needs. For instance, these professionals can combine audio and visual equipment to create a high-quality viewing experience for meetings and other events. An AV integrator will oversee your organization’s AV system’s design, analysis, installation, and management.

An experienced AV integrator will design a system within your budget while maintaining the maximum end-user benefit and efficiency. After installation, your AV integrator will maintain and monitor your AV setup so your systems stay up-to-date with reduced downtime. 

The Most Important Qualities of an AV Integrator 

When it comes to selecting an AV integrator, some qualities are more important than others. Ensure that your AV integrator has these characteristics before assigning them your next AV project.

They’re Experienced

When you’re looking for an AV integrator, make sure that you choose a partner with ample experience. AV integration is quite complex and requires a thorough understanding of all potential factors and solutions to produce the best result.

Also, ensure that they have experience implementing the specific type of system you would like to install. If you’re not sure which equipment you require, ask for advice. An experienced AV integrator will save you time and money by providing that you purchase the right solutions for your needs.

While inexperience can lead to awkward workarounds and AV systems that lack longevity, a team of highly trained, certified AV professionals will help your organization implement dynamic solutions that empower your entire team.

They Have the Skills You Need

Your AV team should have experience with the type of project that you need to be completed. Different spaces, purposes, and AV system requirements demand specified knowledge to create the most effective results. For instance, when creating an AV system, all of your equipment must work together seamlessly, so your AV integrators should understand how each piece of equipment complements each other.

Furthermore, hiring AV integrators that keep up with new trends and industry standards is essential. This will allow your organization to implement advanced solutions that keep your employees and clients engaged.

They Offer Maintenance

AV solutions are a significant investment, so you must make sure that your AV integrator will support your needs beyond the five-year lifecycle. Support is a critical component of the AV integration process, as access to reliable support ensures that your team can avoid interruptions and seamlessly tend to their work.

Your AV integration specialists should provide a virtual help desk service complete with self-help information so that your employees can resolve issues on their own when necessary. Additionally, your AV integrators should offer in-person support services to ensure your systems experience minimal downtime.

How to Find the Right AV Integrator 

When it’s time to choose an AV integrator, get started by checking recommendations and references. An experienced AV integrator will have the knowledge necessary to budget, design, and implement your desired solutions. The right team will also provide a detailed quote, a product portfolio, and AV proposals that meet your organization’s needs. 

Review these tips before selecting an AV integrator to ensure that you choose the best option for your organization.

Ask About Their Product Portfolio

Your AV setup is vital to effective communication between departments within your organization. When selecting your AV partner, evaluating their body of work is vital before proceeding with the AV integration process. 

Reviewing an AV integrator’s portfolio will allow you to determine whether or not they can offer AV solutions that allow your organization to thrive in a technology-based environment. Choose an AV partner with a verifiable portfolio of high-quality AV technology products to ensure the best results. 

Look for Demonstrated Technical Dexterity

The increasing complexity of AV technologies means that AV integrators must provide dynamic solutions that meet modern demands. You must consider an AV integrator’s ability to implement AV solutions that ensure ease of use, consistent support, and regular maintenance. 

The AV integration partner you select must have experience creating robust AV solutions that do not incite management or security concerns. Consider selecting an AV integrator that has experience implementing AV solutions for government and military environments to ensure reliable operability and safety.

Ensure That They Can Provide a Customized AV Experience

Modern AV solutions have the ability to create innovative, collaborative experiences in any environment. However, the equipment that AV integrators install depends on the space you’re interested in upgrading. For instance, the AV equipment in an auditorium will differ significantly from that of a huddle room.

Your AV integration partner must understand how to unify AV technology and design to create elevated experiences that help your organization reach its unique goals. Furthermore, your AV integrator should implement solutions that provide a memorable AV experience with a scalable infrastructure that will evolve with your organization.

Choose AV Integrators That Provide Communication and Documentation

Managing AV integration requires consistent communication between the AV integrator and the organization in question. The AV integration process will involve different teams that manage your organization’s AV implementations by aligning interiors, IT solutions, and even furniture and finishings to create a complete AV solution.

When vetting an AV integrator, ensure they have the skillset to integrate an engaging AV setup while providing clear communication and documentation so your project is completed within your desired timeframe.

Work with Reputable AV Integrators at Applied Global

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