How AV Integrators Incorporate Key Video Collaboration Technologies to Support Your Team


As business owners and employees communicate throughout their workday, they often take for granted the role that advanced audiovisual tools — such as video collaboration technologies — play in their ability to communication effectively with one another. However, staff members are promptly reminded of these tools' importance the moment that operations go awry. The costs of poorly integrated audio and visual technology are too significant to ignore. Both clients and employees grow frustrated with their inability to complete necessary tasks, while business owners feel the pain of the unnecessary costs of downtime due to technology failure.

If you’re interested in updating your audiovisual technology, implementing communication solutions, and expanding your organization, advanced audiovisual integrators have the expertise to assist you throughout the process. Experienced AV professionals can help you incorporate video collaboration technologies like Cisco and Poly, which empower employees and clients and let your team divert their attention back to critical business operations.


Reaping the Benefits of Cisco and Poly

In many cases, it takes a combination of specialists to provide your team with the best video collaboration experience possible. For this reason, AV integration specialists at Applied Global joined forces with industry leaders Cisco and Poly to provide integrated solutions that ensure reliability and consistency

Unfortunately, we’ve all experienced the effects of poor video collaboration technologies at one point or another. Up to 67% of employees have stated that they’ve lost productivity due to poor audio quality, inadequate video technologies, or an overall poor collaborative experience. The time lost equates to about $67,500 lost per year due to inferior collaboration technology alone. 

How Can Implementing Cisco Help? 

The Cisco Meeting Server integrates video, audio, and web communication to meet the needs of the modern workplace. It works with third-party devices and provides an enjoyable and intuitive user experience. It also scales easily and can be purchased using an all-in-one, user-based multiparty licensing.

Meanwhile, the Cisco Webex Room Series endpoints bring more intelligence and usability to huddle, small, medium, large, and custom video-collaboration rooms. Room Series devices are hardware-optimized to run on a cloud platform but are also built for on-premises environments. They offer incredible experiences for shared rooms and spaces, with easy access to hosted conferences.

What Is Poly?

Poly’s endpoint hardware solutions, including the Trio and RealPresence Group series, offer best-in-class audio and video quality. Their cloud-based RealPresence Clariti is a software suite of tools that includes desktop, mobile, and soft web clients. With Poly in your corner, your team can seamlessly connect to video conferencing hardware in huddle spaces, conference rooms, boardrooms, and any immersive telepresence environment.

RealPresence Clariti includes the necessary software components for bridging, video call control, web collaboration and soft endpoints, device management, and firewall traversal. 

Plus, Poly endpoints can be integrated with your existing collaboration tools, such as Microsoft Teams, to significantly improve AV consistency and quality during collaboration.


Seamless Software Integration for Streamlined Communications

Although global events have quickly ushered in drastic changes in the workforce, increased digitalization has been on the way for quite some time. Modern innovations have made it possible for many companies to employ a remote work model, including through the integration of video conferencing. Video collaboration software is transforming the way we communicate with one another and has already helped companies improve employee productivity, enhance client communication, and strengthen employee team-building from a distance.

In recent years, video conferencing software has even come to include integrated features such as real-time chat, transcription, and screen sharing. These seamlessly integrated features centralize communications and allow your entire organization to become more productive. Whether you run a small business with a few employees or a large corporation of hundreds or thousands, audiovisual integration specialists can integrate video collaboration software seamlessly to support your collaboration efforts.


Video Collaboration Technology Can Be Integrated into Your Current Communication System

Luckily, these video collaboration technologies often do not require you to update your hardware as well. Many modern video collaboration devices can be seamlessly integrated with your current in-house technology for your convenience. This not only saves your company money on unnecessary upgrades but means your team will not need to experience the downtime that comes with a transition to new technology — or the stress that can come with learning new operating systems.

When you invest in the assistance of audiovisual integration specialists, it lowers your overall cost of operations. A team equipped with the technology to collaborate without physically traveling to another location saves time and resources that would have been used for scheduling and coordinating meetings. In addition, streamlined audiovisual solutions simplify the collaboration process by creating an enhanced professional atmosphere for improved communication between employees and clients and support your company’s ability to achieve overall goals. 


Audiovisual Solutions for an Improved Work Environment

In the digital age, the ability to communicate with one another using advanced technology is inescapable. Modern AV technology enhances communication in various ways to transform how we interact with one another in the workplace. However, many companies lack the in-house resources and expertise needed to adequately integrate this technology into the workplace.

Although some companies may be able to take care of small installations and improvements themselves, large-scale integrations require the assistance of audiovisual integration specialists. Experienced AV integrators know which solutions are best suited for your organization, along with how these technologies will work together for the most technologically advanced and aesthetically pleasing outcome. Their professional guidance prevents you from purchasing unnecessary or incompatible equipment, adding up to initial cost savings and an increased return on your investment.

Furthermore, when your company enlists the help of audiovisual integration specialists, they can serve as a source of support and expertise when you are experiencing technical issues. Unlike some distant third-party helpdesk, your AV integrators will have an innate understanding of your company’s needs, allowing them to employ solutions that work within your budget while providing your team with top audio and visual service. As an added, when industry standards inevitably evolve, they are already on-hand and ready to update any of your audiovisual equipment and software as needed.


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