Features of Great AV System Design

Whether you’re a major corporation, a small business, or an elementary school teaching to groups of students, having great AV system design is an important part of keeping your business running properly. A well-designed AV system functions seamlessly, to the point that the average user doesn’t need to know the ins and outs of the process. But when it comes time to choose the right system design for your business or organization, how do you know what features to prioritize?

Below we discuss the features that you need in your AV system design to take it from good to great and make it functional for everyone in your organization.


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    1. Custom to Your Space
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    4. Easy to Operate
    5. Low Maintenance
    6. AV System Success



Custom to Your Space

AV systems are not one size fits all. Whether it’s in an auditorium or a classroom, the AV system must be arranged to work effectively and that means it needs to be customized for your desired space. An experienced AV engineer will evaluate the venue for your AV system and develop a design to fit its precise needs. They’ll take into consideration whether your space includes an outdated system already or is a blank canvas that requires a system built from scratch. They’ll also be able to determine if some of the existing hardware can be reused so you can benefit from new material cost savings. In either case, though, your engineer will take everything into account before starting their design.

To this point, at Applied Global Technologies, a space evaluation is the first step in designing your system. We factor in everything your space has to offer to ensure that your system functions in the most effective way possible, and meets your specifications for form, functionality, and usability.


Devices that Talk to Each other

A great AV system is a unique blend of video, audio, data, acoustics, lighting, power, and all the backend infrastructure to support it. For a system to work effectively, many of these components and devices need to communicate in a cohesive manner that provides as much system automation as possible to remove any potential issues that may arise from an individual that does not fully understand the technology. Imagine the ease of sharing your personal desktop on a presentation screen to introduce a project or teach a lecture, but without all the remotes, buttons, printed guides, and wasted time trying to connect to a display.

A properly designed AV system allows for that and so much more. We make it simple at Applied Global Technologies with features like one-click wireless share across all your devices. -Even your mobile device can be a presentation tool with our integration efforts.



Technology is ever-evolving. Teachers who once used an overhead projector to enhance lessons can now use an interactive smart board that connects to the internet, plays videos, and displays all kinds of presentations. Your AV system design should be created with new technology in mind. A well-designed AV system today should be flexible to allow for you to easily upgrade in a year when any better option becomes available on the market.

We want you to always have the best when it comes to your AV system. We work with the hardware manufacturers that are on the cutting edge of AV technologies hand software brands that push the envelope for providing new system capabilities in the AV industry. As we stay up to date with audiovisual and video conferencing trends, so do you.


Easy to Operate

Staff and employees in your company should have a range of abilities when it comes to the technology they have. Regardless of their level of knowledge, they should all be able to use the AV system without frustration. An overly complex system may leave your employees looking for other methods of presentation, but a modern and well-designed system gives them simple user interfaces that provide the desired functionality with minimal interaction with the system.

All that said, even with an easy-to-operate system, employees and staff alike will still need an initial training session on best practices and to learn the many options and functionalities. At AGT we like to make sure that everyone is comfortable with the new AV solution before we can call the job a success. We provide on-site training to answer questions and offer help by phone, email, and virtual live video, help and support.


Low Maintenance

Nothing is quite as frustrating as audio and visual devices constantly malfunctioning. An AV solution is supposed to make life easier not more stressful and difficult. A well-designed AV system requires little to no regular upkeep, regardless of how often it is used. Your organization might have an IT department to assist when small problems arise with computers, the internet, or other devices, but their time shouldn’t be monopolized by a poorly designed AV system. One of the draws of an AV system designed and built by AGT is that anyone can use it.

When you choose AGT as your AV integrator, maintenance is never something you have to worry about. Our AV systems and video conferencing solutions work without interference from your IT team, leaving them available to focus on other strategic initiatives. Additionally, we provide assistance like live Help Desk and remote and onsite services so you’re never without the qualified experts to answer your questions.


AV System Success

Technology sometimes gets a bad rap. Things break, devices disconnect, and audio doesn’t work, seemingly for no reason. It’s enough to make a person avoid using an AV system like the plague. However, when you have an expert AV integrator in your corner, you’ll end up with an AV system design that is so simple and effective that even the least tech-savvy person will be excited to use it.

An AV system exists to make work more efficient and enhance presentation opportunities whether in a conference room, classroom, auditorium, or operations center. Applied Global Technologies will design an AV system custom to your company and your needs. With minimal maintenance and easy-to-understand training, your employees will jump at the chance to use it, regardless of the occasion.

Are you ready to enhance the collaborative efficiency and functionality of your company? Contact us today and we’ll get started on the AV system of your dreams.



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