3 Ways to Upgrade Your Employee Break Room with AV Integration


The employee break room is more than a place where employees can huddle together at impersonal, cafeteria-style tables for thirty minutes before returning to a hectic workday. The modern break room is an oasis in the heart of your office where colleagues can take a moment to physically and mentally replenish themselves for a more creative work environment.

To consistently receive high-quality work from your employees, you should create a workspace that provides every tool necessary to achieve outstanding results. This includes a productivity-promoting employee break room complete with advanced audiovisual technology.


How an Upgraded Break Room Can Benefit Your Company

At a glance, it may seem counterintuitive that a break room can increase employee productivity. However, numerous studies show that the break room is a critical element in building a happy, productive, and focused team of employees. 

As millennials take over the workplace, it is clear that their expectations for employers are much higher than previous generations. They value companies that prioritize their mental health, create a strong sense of community, and encourage innovation. A welcoming break room meets all of these needs in the following ways:

  • Breaks have mental health benefits. Regular breaks throughout the workday reduce stress, which helps your employees maintain high-value performance throughout the day. Even a short break can reset an employee's mood, and happy employees are the most productive.
  • Breaks strengthen the bond between team members. A break room enables employees to spend time together and form a stronger sense of community. When employees naturally collaborate and communicate within the workplace, the entire company will reap the benefits of seamless teamwork.
  • Breaks improve productivity. Studies show that frequent breaks from work vastly improve employee creativity. During rest periods, the brain can process information much better than in periods of prolonged focus. If a project requires deep-level problem solving, enjoying a quick break and a change of scenery can help employees find solutions more quickly than by forcing themselves to stress over the issue at hand.

Employers also shouldn't overlook the staff-retaining importance of supplying millennial workers with employee perks, such as an updated break room and frequent breaks. Statistics show that employees are more likely to remain working for a company that offers employee perks. Rewarding your team for their hard work will create a healthier workplace where employees are satisfied inside and outside the office.


Tech Upgrades for Your Employee Break Room

Outfitting your company's break room with the latest technology is a great way to encourage innovation and show your employees that you value their presence. A high-quality break room is proven to boost employee morale and overall satisfaction in the workplace.

If you're contemplating an upgrade to your company's break room, audiovisual integration professionals such as Applied Global Technologies can help find a rewarding solution that suits your company's needs. Here are a few top AV tools to consider.

1. Break Room Signage

Not too long ago, it was customary to have a bulletin board hanging in the break room to display important information and announcements. These days, employees can benefit from technologically advanced break room signage. It's virtually guaranteed that, at some point, all of your employees will end up in the break room. For workers who have limited access to email or smartphones — such as employees in facilities or warehouse roles — break room digital signage is an easy way to help keep all employees aware of important announcements. 

Unlike old-fashioned bulletin boards, digital signage demands attention. Frequently changing text and eye-catching imagery will ensure employees receive critical information. You can also use video displays to post memos, birthday announcements, HR updates, and recognition pieces within the break room. Boost employee morale and productivity with inspiring messages from the CEO, and express gratitude for your team. Break room signage in the workplace can keep your team engaged with easy-to-use software and industry-specific content. 

For large businesses that may employ multiple break rooms across one or more buildings, digital signage also offers an opportunity to update them with the same information simultaneously. Be sure to ask your team of professional audiovisual integrators what video-display setup best fits your needs.

2. Better Lighting

Studies show that 68% of employees are dissatisfied with the lighting in their workplace. We can attribute this to the fact that most office spaces use outdated fluorescent lighting. In many cases, designers simply overlook the process of office lighting design altogether. But lighting that's too dim or harsh can cause significant strain on the eyes, decrease productivity, and cause headaches.

Poor lighting and excessive blue light can make it impossible for employees to relax during their break. On the other hand, replacing harsh lighting with a more viable option, like LED lighting, puts your staff at ease. Making the switch to LED lighting increases performance, elevates the mood, and lengthens attention spans by 25%. Furthermore, LED lighting is eco-friendly and energy-efficient, using 75% less energy than traditional office lighting. For the health and productivity of your entire office, consider replacing harsh break room lighting with options that have more significant benefits for your team.

3. Interactive Maps

Having a cramped printout of your building map taped up in the corner of your break room simply won't suffice anymore. Guests, new employees, or visiting remote workers will find them challenging to read and end up wasting time looking for their destination. For a more professional and effective solution, modern companies can welcome visitors and staff with software-enabled interactive floor plans in break rooms and entryways.

Employees thrive when a workplace provides them with a sense of empowerment. Interactive maps allow them to navigate complicated office suites without asking for assistance, and save everyone a significant amount of time. Employees will not have their workday interrupted trying to find a colleague's office or helping people from another department with directions. This may seem like a small concern, but according to a UC Irvine study, decreasing workplace distractions makes employees 75% more productive and 57% more motivated to complete their assignments.

Overall, incorporating AV solutions into your employee break room offers both practical and image-conscious benefits. A modern break room gives staff a feeling of independence, creativity, and value while presenting your company as a forward-thinking business willing to invest in the happiness and productivity of employees.



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