Which Collaboration Space Best Fits Your Needs?

Finding the collaboration space that best suits your organization’s needs and budget can be tricky, especially when you’re not well-versed on what these spaces are typically outfitted with in terms of technology, furniture and other components. The good news – we’re here to help! From large video-centric conference spaces to huddle rooms and demo centers, we have designed and integrated it all. Which of these situations best describes your specific need?

You need a space to meet face-to-face with local and remote teams on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

We recommend: Video Conferencing Rooms

If your teams are dispersed across the country or even world, you need collaboration rooms that are purpose-built for high quality video conferences and local and remote presentations. These rooms are typically outfitted with dedicated room-based HD video conferencing systems, large-format LED displays, intuitive control systems and scheduling panels, wired and wireless presentation capabilities and more. Video conferencing rooms allow you to see and hear all meeting participants, making your important town hall or weekly planning meetings more productive and efficient.

Video conference room

You need a space that accommodates impromptu small group meetings and presentations.

We recommend: Huddle Rooms

Huddle roomHuddle rooms – small, user-friendly rooms that accommodate spur-of-the-moment and informal meetings and drive small group collaboration and productivity. Huddle rooms are inexpensive to implement and are simple in terms of technology, outfitted to primarily support high-quality small conferences and presentations. Typically consisting of small-format LED displays, small group video conferencing systems, and USB plug and play cameras and audio devices, these rooms enable teams to collaborate in a more relaxed and casual atmosphere.


You need a space to show customers the ins and outs of your products and services.

We recommend: Briefing/Demo Rooms

Briefing and demo centers allow your organization to tell its unique story and to give your customers hands-on experience with your products. These spaces require technology that accommodates interactive communication, such as interactive touchscreen displays and whiteboards, as well as user-friendly content sharing systems that make disseminating information easy. Large-format LED displays and HD audio conferencing systems will also help ensure your product demos are lucrative.

Demo room

You need a space where your teams can ideate, interact and solve problems.

We recommend: Ideation/Collaboration Rooms

Ideation rooms are where your creative teams go to take digital notes, share content and interact in real-time. Outfitted with technologies such as the Nureva Span system or T1V’s ThinkHub multitouch software, you can find a solution that fits virtually any budget in these spaces. It’s important that ideation and collaboration rooms include both wired and wireless presentation capabilities in both analog and digital formats, and that they support BYOD to ensure everyone’s ideas are heard.

Video conference room

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