AV Industry Nureva Span Demo Day

For most people, October means the start of cooler weather, changing leaves, pumpkin patches and Halloween festivities. For those in audio visual professions, October is a special time to celebrate and promote our industry – which is fairly niche – sharing insight and news about the latest technologies, trends, training opportunities and more with the world. AGT has celebrated A/V Month in big ways in the past – in 2014 by partnering with the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation, and last year by conducting a survey to gain insight on how end users were utilizing their A/V environments and what their goals were for 2016. Our goal for A/V Month this year was to give current and potential clients hands-on experience with innovative A/V solutions, which can transform the way their organizations collaborhttps://www.appliedglobal.com/news/agt-partners-georgia-lions-lighthouse-foundation/ate.

As you may have read in our latest press announcement, we recently moved to a new headquarters office, complete with a state-of-the-art demo center showcasing the latest interactive touchscreen solutions, digital signage, video conferencing systems and more. One of the focal points of the new office is the dual Nureva Span system in our lobby and main demo area. The dual Span system includes two panoramic projectors combined with cloud-based software and apps to create an expansive digital canvas for touchscreen collaboration. While we have been raving about Nureva’s interactive solutions for quite some time now, we wanted to give our teams and clients valuable hands-on experience with the digital canvas and software, allowing them to see and interact with the unique solution as they would in their own work environments – what better time to do this than A/V Month?

We hosted an open house and “Demo Day” event with Nureva, where clients and innovators in the area could stop by to see a live demo of the Span system. Our Demo Day was a great opportunity for us to show others just how advantageous and user-friendly A/V solutions can be. From planning and brainstorming sessions to weekly meetings with colleagues around the world, the Span system has the potential to revolutionize the way an organization collaborates. Isn’t that what A/V is all about – helping people collaborate the best way they possibly can with innovative and trusted solutions?

How are you celebrating the A/V industry this month? Tell us below!