AV InfoComm 2015

Another A/V Month has come and gone, and (much like every year!) we’re left with a renewed sense of pride and excitement for our industry. AGT likes to participate in A/V Month in any way we can each year, and for 2015 we had two main goals in mind. First, we wanted to continue to support partner Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation by donating a free cloud video conferencing account to help the Foundation with its collaboration initiatives. Second, we wanted to hear from our clients and end users to gauge current and future usage of A/V solutions and collaborative environments.

Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation

Since partnering with the Lighthouse Foundation, a nonprofit organization which benefits sight and sound, last year as part of our A/V Month initiatives, we have continued to support them through regular volunteer hours and donations to their Eyeglass Recycling Program. The program collects donations in the form of eyeglasses, sunglasses, cell phones and hearing aids and distributes them to nursing homes, homeless shelters, migrant farmer camps and overseas on mission trips. This year AGT implemented a “phase two” of our partnership with the Lighthouse Foundation in which we donated a free cloud video conferencing account to the organization, allowing their local and remote teams to collaborate via video from any device, anywhere. We hope our donation will help the Lighthouse Foundation enhance collaboration within their organization and spread their cause throughout the state of Georgia and beyond.

A/V Month Survey

AV Month October 2015The second part of our approach to A/V Month this year included conducting a survey to gain insight from our clients, partners and industry professionals on how they are currently utilizing their A/V environments and what their goals are for the future. We’ll use the survey results to plan for the coming year and to better serve our clients.

We also designed A/V Month t-shirts to promote the industry this year, which we distributed to the entire AGT team and also sent to survey respondents.

We love celebrating the audio visual industry during the month of October and year-round! How did you participate in A/V Month this year?