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7 Tips for Deploying New Interactive Technologies in the Workplace

August 12, 2016

We teamed up with T1V to construct several tips on how to choose and properly implement new interactive technologies in the workplace. Let’s take a look!

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Ideation for Any Industry

July 21, 2016

How are companies & departments actually using the Nureva Span system to enhance collaboration within their organizations? Here are a few use cases.

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The Importance of Industry Certifications for A/V Integrators

July 13, 2016

Our most recent CTS certifications got us thinking – why are industry certifications so important for A/V integrators to possess? Here’s our take.

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3 Ways to Make Your Conference Rooms More Energy Efficient

June 24, 2016

Start cutting costs in the spaces where you arguably use the most energy during the day – your conference rooms – with these quick tips.

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AGT Enhances Group Collaboration with Nureva

June 6, 2016

Today we are thrilled to announce our partnership with Nureva. Let’s tell you a little bit more about our new partner!

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InfoComm 2016 Recap – Interactive Displays & Touch Technologies Are Ready for Prime Time

June 5, 2016

See why our CEO, Mark Cray, believes virtual canvases, workspaces and interactive touch display hardware and software are now ready for prime time.

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Big-Box Hardware Stores vs. Boutique Stores – and How They Relate to the A/V Industry

May 18, 2016

At AGT, we often refer to ourselves as the “Ace Hardware” of the A/V industry. Find out why in this blog post.

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Delivering Interactive Touchscreen Experiences

May 11, 2016

We are thrilled to partner with T1V, as they fulfill a need we think has been lacking in the interactive technology space.

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Crestron Diamond Programmer: AVNation Interview

April 14, 2016

Digitization doesn’t mean you can rely on email, Slack, and webchats, you need to create a state-of-the-art conference room system with effective audio visual setup.

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AGT Director is an AMX Solutions Master

April 14, 2016

AGT’s Director of Audio Visual Integration, Ben Hitt, has big news – he has officially achieved the AMX Solutions Master (ASM) Certification.

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