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How to Choose the Best AV Integrator

June 1, 2023

  In an era of fast-paced technological innovation, organizations in every industry drive growth in cut-throat markets by leveraging the power of technology. The audiovisual systems put together by a highly skilled AV integrator is critical to this process. Organizations navigating communication amid a dispersed workforce are upgrading AV systems to accommodate their changing needs….

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5 Tech Tips to Support a Multigenerational Workforce

May 30, 2023

  Every generation experiences different challenges shaping how they communicate with others and accomplish their goals. For example, Gen Z and Millennials are viewed as more tech-driven and likely to spend more time communicating through online platforms and social media. In contrast, their Gen X and Baby Boomer counterparts prefer to communicate in person.  Since…

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Inside of an open-concept office

Sustainable Practices for AV Design

May 19, 2023

  Sustainability in the workplace is a necessity in the modern world. Organizations in every industry are transitioning to sustainable business practices that reduce their carbon footprint, and sustainable AV design is an integral part of creating an eco-friendly work environment. Swapping your outdated AV technologies for energy-efficient solutions demonstrates your organization’s social responsibility while…

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How to Create a Wellness Room with AV Technology

May 11, 2023

  Workers in every industry are vulnerable to the effects of work-related stress. Whether your employees are juggling many clients or striving to meet tight deadlines, there are actions you can take to improve the work environment and allow employees to decompress. Creating a wellness room is the first step to a balanced, healthy workplace…

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Why Huddle Rooms are the Future of Workplace Collaboration

May 4, 2023

  As hybrid work takes the corporate world by storm, companies are adapting to current workplace trends and employee preferences in order to modernize the workplace. Consequently, many employees have the flexibility to work from home or come into the office as necessary. Since more companies are getting rid of cold, impersonal cubicles in favor…

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The Importance of Video Conferencing in Education

April 28, 2023

  Most students will take at least one online course during their education, and this figure is expected to increase in the coming years. In 2021, the global online education market was valued at $30.6 billion, but it is predicted to reach $198.9 billion by 2030. As the online education market continues to expand, video…

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Designing the Best Employee Break Room

April 21, 2023

  Although the pandemic has ended, many workers have still hesitated to return to the office. As a result, employers are responding in different ways, from fear tactics to threats or even firings, negative reinforcement has been a common theme in employee-employer negotiations. However, tactful leadership in successful organizations has increasingly turned its attention to…

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How Audiovisual Integration Benefits the Healthcare Industry

April 13, 2023

  The healthcare industry is expanding rapidly, especially since the turn of COVID-19. As a result, healthcare professionals are witnessing the widespread acceptance of tech and automation to improve efficiency for technical processes. During the pandemic, these technologies made it possible for healthcare facilities to provide patients with clean, contactless experiences, and today, they’re expanding…

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5 Most Important Conference Room Technologies

April 6, 2023

  Conference rooms are the focal point of activity in any corporate organization. The brilliant innovations that arise from productive collaboration between employees are vital to the growth and sustenance of an organization. Given that the hybrid work model exists in 63% of high-growth companies, it is necessary now more than ever to integrate advanced…

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AV Technology for Your Joint Operations Center

March 30, 2023

  When emergency situations arise, military and federal agencies need to respond immediately. In this case, personnel will need access to a joint operations center. A joint operations center allows various agencies to communicate with one another and coordinate activities that occur on and off the base.  As you can imagine, your joint operations center…

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