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Collaborate in any room on any platform

The founding mission of AGT is to develop solutions and solve problems using engineering and technology. We began by serving the government, then grew to include Fortune 1000 businesses, educational institutions, healthcare providers, government contractors, and industry-leading integration firms. Our services are critical in supporting our clients' core activities and flexibility. AGT now collaborates with our clients on the design, implementation, and management of audio visual, video conferencing, and networking systems.

We calculate our performance by how well you do.


Use Your Own Device (BYOD)


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AGT envisions a technologically enabled, interconnected, smart, and stable environment. We believe that helping those who have the greatest effect on the planet is the best way for us to leave our mark. Today, our job is to make technology work for our clients so that they can focus on their most important tasks. AGT is based in Metro Atlanta, but has offices, employees, and clients all over the world. Every day, our employees defy standards by genuinely caring about what they do and about whom they do it for. It's simply a more efficient way of working. A free consultation will show you how we do it.

Our difference

  • Client service strategy - We collaborate with you to create a service plan that is exclusive to your requirements.
  • The team - We put together a group of committed individuals who are ideally suited to fulfill your requirements.
  • Assessment - We meet with your team to document and learn about your settings, as well as to hear about your requirements.

Customized AV solutions

Our team of highly qualified and accredited AV professionals will collaborate closely with you to develop an AV solution that seamlessly integrates with your business.


AGT's personalized audiovisual solutions are designed to provide companies the resources they need to collaborate on their own terms. We can build a solution for you no matter what your business's problems are. We have solutions for:


  • Auditoriums and large meeting spaces,
  • Brief and demo centers,
  • Lobbies and common areas,
  • Classrooms and training facilities,
  • Board rooms and conference rooms,
  • Command and control centers,
  • Huddle rooms.

Managed video conferencing

Video collaboration solutions improve connectivity and reduce costs, but only when they are properly handled and used.

AGT acts as a supportive extension of your team, including a live Help Desk, remote and onsite 

Facility support staff, and a team of certified employees, allowing your staff to focus entirely on their mission and responsibilities.

We ensure that the collaboration environments are high-quality, reliable, and well-maintained, removing the tension that comes with issues like missed calls, ineffective meetings, and troubleshooting. The following services are part of our managed services portfolio:

◎  Onsite Staffing for Audio Visual and Video Conferencing Operations

◎  Video Conferencing Design and Installation

◎  Managed Video Services for Audio Visual and Video Conferencing Solutions

◎  Audio Visual and Video Conferencing Quality  Monitoring and Alerts

◎  Proactive and Break-fix Maintenance Management

◎  Help Desk Services and Troubleshooting


A remote software tool that proactively tracks the health of all of your video conferencing and A/V properties can be included in AGT's video endpoint and audio visual management services.

Every aspect of your video collaboration covered

We've been providing video communication solutions for over 25 years as AV integration pioneers. We collaborate with market leaders such as Cisco and Poly to deliver integrated solutions that are designed from the ground up to be dependable and consistent.


Video communication is difficult to master. A properly configured solution will allow your local workers and remote team to collaborate side by side, freeing up cubicle space. A bad and inconsistent collaboration experience, on the other hand, is preferable to none at all. It takes time, money, and the patience of your team.

Applied Global Technologies, with over 25 years of industry experience, can prepare, design, and execute the ideal solution using a variety of Cisco and Poly technologies.


  • Cisco Meeting Server - Cisco Meeting Server combines premise-based video, audio, and online networking to meet the modern workplace's collaboration needs. It is compatible with third-party devices and offers a pleasant and intuitive user interface. It's also simple to scale, and it's available with all-in-one, user-based multiparty licensing.
  • Cisco Webex Room series endpoints give huddle, small, medium, big, and custom video-collaboration rooms more intelligence and usability. WebEx Room endpoints have excellent shared room and space experiences, as well as convenient access to hosted conferencing services.
  • Poly endpoint hardware - Cisco Webex room series endpoints improve the intelligence and accessibility of huddle, tiny, medium, large, and custom video-collaboration rooms. Hardware-optimized for cloud platforms, Room Series computers can also be used on-premises. They have great experiences with shared rooms and spaces, as well as easy access to hosted conferences.


All of the requisite software components for bridging, video call control, web collaboration and soft endpoints, system management, and firewall traversal are included in RealPresence Clariti.


Poly endpoints can be combined with your current collaboration tools, such as Microsoft Teams, to increase AV consistency and quality dramatically during collaboration.


We put technology to work in your favor. We assist top brands and government clients in completing their most critical tasks. AV architecture, AV integration, managed video conferencing, video collaboration, and IT services are among our specialties. Eliminate risk, customize your own plan, and gain a trusted partner by contacting us today!

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