Behind the Scenes: Managed Video Services

AGT’s Managed Services practice is a special part of our company, as we were one of the first to offer managed services for video conferencing over a decade ago. Since then, it has grown into one of our biggest strengths and points of interest as a company. You may be asking yourself, “What exactly are managed video services, and how do businesses benefit from utilizing them?” We want to give everyone answers to these questions and more, so here is a short Q&A with Jarrett Lowman, AGT’s Director of Managed and Cloud Solutions.

Q: As Director of Managed and Cloud Solutions, can you briefly describe your position and role at AGT?

A: As the Director of Managed and Cloud Solutions, I direct our sales efforts for video management and cloud service offerings to the market. I work with our team to design new offerings for the industry in order to drive revenues and build a client base of companies looking for management or cloud-based bridging solutions. Additionally, I work with all of our partners that resell AGT’s cloud and managed service offerings to make sure that all of their needs are supported and they are able to grow their service offerings in the market.

Q: Define “managed services” and how this offering benefits the video conferencing and collaboration industry.

A: In my view, managed services are services that are outsourced by a company to industry experts in a certain field to allow the company to focus on their core competencies instead of in areas where they need to learn or acquire a completely different knowledge base. Outsourced services, such as managed video services, have benefited the video industry specifically because video conferencing is a niche market with a specific knowledge base that is not a standard set of technology learned by many IT professionals. Support teams do not train the majority of their staff on video conferencing services, so having an industry expert like AGT available to manage their video infrastructure allows them to rest easy. Our managed video services customers know they can simply to walk into a conference room and the video conference will begin and end with zero issues.

Q: The demand for managed services for collaborative environments is growing at a fast pace. What are some of the driving factors of this demand?

A: I believe the primary driving factors for the growth in demand of managed services for collaborative environments are 1) cost savings, 2) a lack of video expertise by the current support staff, and 3) the desire of large multinational organizations to move as many services to the cloud or to outsourced companies as possible. IT departments are also pushing to grow the usage of collaborative environments to ensure corporate processes are efficient, but they do not want to make a large investment in the people to manage these solutions when there are experts like AGT readily available to do the design, integration and ongoing management for them.

Q: In your opinion, why has AGT’s Managed Services practice been so successful over the years? What sets AGT apart from other managed services providers?

A: AGT sets itself apart from others in the managed services industry because we were an originator of video conferencing managed services back in the early 2000s. AGT gives clients options, spanning from onsite staffing and audio visual (A/V) management to remote bridging, video endpoint and video infrastructure monitoring. AGT offers clients the ability to take video management off of their support team’s task list, allowing them to focus on their primary goals and the support needs of their user community while enhancing the user experience of video services for their community.