AV Technology for Your Joint Operations Center

When emergency situations arise, military and federal agencies need to respond immediately. In this case, personnel will need access to a joint operations center. A joint operations center allows various agencies to communicate with one another and coordinate activities that occur on and off the base. 

As you can imagine, your joint operations center must have state-of-the-art AV technology to coordinate responses to high-stakes events. Consider these innovative AV technologies when upgrading your joint operations center for smooth, seamless communication.

What is a Joint Operations Center?

A joint operations center provides information to federal, state, and local agencies while also coordinating activities on the base that require responses from base personnel or off-base agencies. 

Every branch of the U.S. military uses a joint operations center to implement strategy within their operations, particularly regarding planning attack and defense strategies. Additionally, federal agencies, such as the Centers for Disease Control, utilize joint operations centers to manage emergency responses to outbreaks.

It is crucial that your joint operations center has the most reliable and efficient technology available to facilitate data collection and interpretation. Users also need the ability to plan and implement emergency operations in high-risk situations.

Joint operations centers must have the AV technology necessary to respond to complex, high-stress situations with ease. The right AV technology can streamline emergency responses and make it easier for responders to provide stakeholders with up-to-date information. 


AV Technology for Your Joint Operations Center

A joint operations center has the power to bring together professionals from multiple sectors within a crisis situation. AV integrators will begin to assess your organization’s unique needs by identifying which pieces of AV technology are necessary for your team. They may also assess how many workers will need access to equipment. 


Video Walls

The video wall is the focal point and most crucial piece of AV technology in any joint operations center. In most cases, the joint operations center will have secondary screens throughout your facility to display specific content to vital teams. Nearby workspaces, such as conference rooms and crisis rooms for strategic meetings, often support the joint operations center. 

Remember that teams in nearby rooms may need to view content from the primary video wall. Access to a high-quality video wall allows users to visualize vast amounts of data and monitor video feeds. 


4k Video Displays

While video walls are essential, the quality of the video also has a profound impact on the overall viewing experience. There are many types of video displays to choose from, but 4k video displays are the ideal option in joint operations centers. These displays are called 4k because their screen resolution is four times greater than a 1080p display.

When viewing detailed sources, users can sit close to the screen and view the display at a high resolution. Furthermore, users can view video from a quad view of 1080p signals without sacrificing resolution quality. However, if you choose to install 4k displays, AV integrators may also need to upgrade your signal transport and switching system.


Software-Based Video Conferencing

Software-based video conferencing is critical in a joint operation center environment. In the past, video conferencing technology was limited to hardware-based codecs. However, this type of AV technology is quite limited regarding end-point connectivity. Although these video conferencing technologies can be useful, software-based video conferencing is ideal in a joint operations center.

For instance, joint operations personnel in the office can communicate with responders in the field. AV integrators will ensure that video walls and other video-sharing devices can access software-based video conferencing technology that allows users to share content from every platform. For an audio connection, headphones and microphones are the ideal options for effective communication within the joint operations center.


Source Switching and Transport

A well-equipped joint operations center will have many sources for users to view information, including computers with GIS information and Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) call information. Furthermore, AV integrators will ensure that users have the ability to source information from cable boxes, security cameras, and video videos from high-traffic areas. 

All of these pieces of equipment must be seen on the main video wall and other displays in the joint operations center. The AV technology that switches and transports signals from various sources will likely be in the back of the room. In many joint operations centers, the AV rack will store a matrix switcher with a set amount of inputs and outputs.

However, recent developments in AV technology allow joint operations center personnel to send audio and video signals using a “switched-packed data network.” This AV technology allows users to create scalable matrix switchers that can spread information to numerous sources.


Maintaining Your Joint Operations Center

Unlike a standard conference room, a joint operations center must function properly at all times in case an emergency occurs. In this case, it’s vital that your organization has access to a dedicated team of AV integration specialists available at all times, complete with onsite dispatch. It is also essential to work closely with AV integration specialists that will provide preventative maintenance as well.

Although these maintenance services will significantly reduce downtime, most organizations can access a backup joint operations center. This allows you to take your primary joint operations center offline during maintenance while allowing you to access an alternate command center. Work with a team of experienced audiovisual integration specialists that understand how to work in a high-stakes environment.


Upgrade Your Joint Operations Center with Applied Global

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