Skype Room Systems

Small Conference Rooms & Huddle Spaces (1-6 people)

Huddle rooms and small conference rooms are the best spaces for small groups to collaborate on-the-fly in a casual environment. Although meetings in these spaces are informal in nature, they may still require video conferencing capability to connect with remote participants. Skype for Business solutions in these rooms allow users to share content and collaborate in real-time while accommodating local and remote presentations. The best part? These rooms are outfitted with video conferencing room systems that are exceptionally easy to use and affordable.

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Board Rooms & Conference Rooms (7-20 people)

Connecting face-to-face with clients, business partners and colleagues in large conference rooms is easy and effective with video conferencing. Larger rooms such as these typically require a high-quality audio and video experience, as well as the ability to present and share content. Skype for Business video solutions in these spaces are more robust and higher quality, ensuring maximum productivity for your meetings.

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Complementary Solution: Interactive Displays with Built-in PCs

Interactive touchscreen devices with built-in PCs can be used in a variety of meeting spaces, from huddle rooms and conference rooms, to training facilities and more. These devices provide a large touchscreen interface for video conferencing, whiteboarding and content sharing, making them the ideal solutions to pair with Skype video systems. With integrated PCs, these devices can run any Windows application – providing you with an unlimited collaboration experience.

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