Huddle Rooms

Room Overview

Huddle rooms – small, user-friendly rooms that accommodate impromptu and informal meetings and drive small group collaboration and productivity. Huddle rooms are inexpensive to implement and are simple in terms of technology, outfitted to primarily support high-quality small conferences and local and remote presentations.

huddle rooms agt audio visual

What We Can Do

A sampling of the technology and systems we recommend for huddle rooms includes:

  • Small-format displays
  • Wired and wireless presentation capabilities
  • USB plug and play cameras and audio devices
  • Small-format interactive touchscreen displays
huddle rooms agt audio visual
Solutions Spotlight: Plug and Play Cameras 

Plug and play cameras are the ideal solutions for huddle rooms that need video conferencing capability. Rather than installing high-dollar cameras and codecs designed for large conference rooms, these devices allow you to plug in and go – working well with the impromptu nature of huddle spaces – while boasting much better quality than standard webcams. Connecting with remote participants during your small meetings has never been easier.

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