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Google Jamboard is a 55-Inch 4K touch-enabled collaborative digital whiteboard that makes it easy for your team to share ideas. Jamboard takes the whiteboard to the cloud, delivering a collaborative experience designed to unlock your team’s creativity, in real-time, from anywhere.

You can sketch out plans or ideas in real-time with teammates from across the globe via other Jamboards or the mobile and tablet apps. With a built-in HD camera, speakers and wifi, you’re set up to collaborate with the best sensory experience. It’s that easy.

Jam in the Office or on the Go

The interactive whiteboard is designed with mobility in mind. The intuitive single cable setup makes it easy to start creating quickly; just wheel it in, turn it on and start brainstorming. Assets created on Jamboard live in Google Cloud, so you can easily share what you’ve created or come back to iterate at anytime, just like you do with Docs. Your brainstorm doesn’t have to end when you walk out of a meeting.

Designed for Precision and Ease

Google Jamboard is intelligently designed to speed up collaboration among teams. The 55-inch, 4k touch display responds more quickly than any other touch screen of its size — even faster than a tablet. You can map out an idea with the stylus and eraser, neither of which require batteries or pairing, and it automatically recognizes the difference between using the stylus to sketch or the eraser to start over. To help show off your ideas clearly, it’s packed with intelligent features like handwriting and shape recognition.

It’s Time to Jam

While touch displays have traditionally been expensive, Google Jamboard is an affordable way to transform your team’s creative collaboration. Do you want to get a hands-on demo of the Google Jambaord?

Jam in the Office or on the Go

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Introducing Google Jamboard
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