Briefing & Demo Centers

Room Overview

Briefing and demo centers allow your organization to convey its unique story and give customers hands-on experience with your products and solutions. These spaces require technology that accommodates interactive communication, as well as user-friendly content sharing systems that make disseminating information easy.

briefing and demo centers agt audio visual

What We Can Do

A sampling of the systems installed in these spaces includes:

  • Interactive touchscreen technologies and digital whiteboards
  • HD video conferencing systems
  • High-quality projection systems
  • HD audio conferencing systems and microphones
  • Wired and wireless presentation capabilities
  • Large-format displays
  • Intuitive control systems
briefing and demo centers agt audio visual
Solutions Spotlight: Interactive Touchscreen Technology

Touchscreen displays and customized software applications transform product demos and company briefings from static presentations into interactive sessions. Allow clients, partners and colleagues to experience and interact with your solutions like never before.

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