Board Rooms & Conference Rooms

Room Overview

Conference and board rooms are the spaces your teams collaborate in most, making the crucial decisions that shape the course of your day-to-day operations. From executive meetings to weekly planning sessions, these are some of the most important spaces in your building. Conference and board rooms should be designed with both onsite and remote workers in mind, outfitted with superior audio visual and video conferencing solutions. They should also accommodate both analog and digital connectivity, BYOD and high-quality content sharing.

What We Can Do

A sampling of the systems we install in these spaces includes:

  • Dedicated room-based HD video conferencing systems with content sharing and full room audio coverage
  • Interactive touchscreen technologies and digital whiteboards
  • Large-format displays
  • Intuitive control system programming, including intelligent room automation with touchscreen user interfaces
  • Wired and wireless presentation capabilities
  • Scheduling panels
  • Location-aware technologies
Solutions Spotlight: Interactive Touchscreen Technology

Touchscreen displays and interactive software applications transform collaboration in conference and board rooms by allowing users to create, edit and share information in real time. Make your employees part of the meeting process by enabling effective ideation on interactive displays – ultimately maximizing productivity and making meetings more enjoyable for all.

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