How to Make a Good First Impression with AV Design in Your Building’s Entryway


Now more than ever, people expect to experience immersive, high-quality technology in virtually every environment. Visitors expect the buildings for companies, schools, and healthcare providers to be functional, interactive, and visually appealing. Companies that respond to these needs by updating their building's entryway are setting themselves up for success. From the moment employees, business partners, or students step foot in your establishment, you can set the tone with lighting solutions, digital signage, modern wayfinding technology, and more. A holistic approach to AV design shows that your company cares about the user experience from start to finish.

Modern audiovisual solutions are key to creating an engaging experience. The benefits of audiovisual solutions for the entryway are too great to ignore, and the possibilities for your design are endless.


Why Invest in Your Entryway?

If your establishment has a lobby or reception area, making an excellent first impression is critical. With each passing year, the presence of thoughtful AV design becomes increasingly more important. Vendors, clients, faculty members, and other visitors will form opinions about your company or institution from the moment they walk in the door. An entryway outfitted with modern audiovisual solutions will elevate your company's image and improve guests' experience.

The benefits of upgrading your building's entryway extend far beyond a sleek appearance. Advanced audiovisual solutions in the lobby establish guests' expectations for their relationship with your company and add an element of excitement to a professional space.

Imagine stepping foot into a modern lobby with advanced lighting solutions, dynamic ceiling installations, and interactive video walls. These features create an immersive environment that gives companies an impactful appearance in business, while office and multi-family buildings with these accents will quickly entice potential clients.

AV design has also become exponentially vital as we have collectively become more health-conscious. Technological components such as digital display solutions can assist in providing guests with critical safety information and wayfinding information in a clean, low-contact, and visually engaging manner.


Elements of a Stunning Entryway

If you want to upgrade the AV design in your entryway, you must first identify the right functionality and aesthetic to introduce your brand. Ultimately, the best design choices for your company's building are dependent on your establishment's unique needs and layout.

Audiovisual integration specialists can help you select and install AV solutions that meet all of your requirements for a functional, engaging, and visually pleasing building entryway. As you begin to brainstorm, here are several popular options to develop your technologically advanced entrance.

Lighting Solutions

The proper lighting can alter the entire ambiance of your building's entryway and lobby. The lighting in your building's entrance is one of the first things your guests will be subject to upon entering your establishment. Although it is common to overlook the importance of lighting, it profoundly affects our mood and productivity. Choose lighting that aligns with your brand's aesthetic. Whether you're aiming for an environment that's clean and modern, bright and creative, or moody and chic, lighting sets the stage. Professional audiovisual integrators can help you identify lighting solutions that compliment your entryway and fit any ambiance you would like to create. 

Digital Signage

When guests first arrive at your office complex, they are often in need of essential information. There may be specific procedures to be followed upon entering your company's building or questions that newcomers may frequently ask. If so, consider investing in a centrally controlled digital signage system. With digital signage, you can display information in a visually appealing way, helping put visitors at ease before they even converse with the receptionist. This is a swift and simple way to elevate your company's professional image while assisting guests with little time expenditure from your team.


Without a doubt, the most frequently asked question for receptionists is something along the lines of, "Am I in the right place?" or "How do I get to my destination?" Offering wayfinding audiovisual solutions can significantly reduce the time your staff spends answering these questions. Plus, it puts new guests at ease by providing clear visual instructions to their destination. Most wayfinding technology comes equipped with a touchscreen display that greets visitors and offers critical information through graphics or even a custom video greeting. 

Interactive Touchscreens

Self-service technology is exploding in popularity. This is made evident by a 2017 Deloitte study, which concluded that 80% percent of executives agree that self-service technology is essential to creating a good customer experience.

Depending on the unique needs of your building's entryway, large-format interactive touchscreens are a sleek solution. These screens can be used to display interactive office maps, answer frequently asked questions, or facilitate self-service conference room check-in. Companies that choose to invest in interactive touchscreen technology are investing in an improved user experience for guests and employees alike. There are many different touchscreens to choose from, so it may be necessary to work with professional audiovisual integrators to decide which option best suits your needs.

Large Format Video Walls

From the moment people enter your establishment, the audiovisual setup of your entrance should set a tone of professionalism. To enhance your company's image, consider investing in a large-format video wall. The enticing quality of a video wall is that you can use it in any way that best suits your company's needs. For instance, you may choose to display a dynamic clip of your company logo or catchphrase. In another case, it could be a better choice to display critical information, directions to a specific location, or an eye-catching image. Whichever way you choose, video walls will make a lasting impression on your visitors.

Video Surveillance

You may not initially consider video surveillance necessary for your building, but it certainly isn't something to overlook. For one thing, video surveillance technology is a powerful deterrent against theft, vandalism, or other criminal activity. It's also useful in the event of an accident, allowing management to review the circumstances and take steps accordingly. And in the case an incident requires the assistance of law enforcement, the footage can be of use to the officers handling your case.

Whether your organization boasts its own security team or relies on a speedy response from local authorities, high-quality video surveillance solutions can help protect your team and facilities. Depending on the needs of your office, audiovisual integrators can install video surveillance technology indoors or outdoors for thorough coverage and peace of mind.



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