How to Find Audiovisual Integrators You Can Trust


Although audiovisual equipment was once considered a luxury, it has now become a necessity for organizations of all sizes to enable effective communication. Audiovisual integration empowers organizations with tools such as video conferencing systems that improve collaboration and sound masking systems that ensure privacy.

As audiovisual technology evolves and society becomes more dependent on digital means of communication, organizations need the assistance of reputable audiovisual integrators to assist them throughout the AV design and implementation process. However, it can be challenging to choose a qualified audiovisual company with the expertise to meet your needs, integrate equipment effectively, and provide ongoing support.

A reliable team of AV professionals will help your company reach its ultimate goals, but first, you will need to do your diligence to find the right AV company for the job. When it's time to choose an audiovisual integration company, look for a team that embodies the following factors so that you can commit to a partnership with dedicated experts that you can trust.


1. They Understand Your Needs

Audiovisual installations vary greatly, as do the companies and organizations in need of these services. While some organizations primarily require audiovisual equipment to connect with employees, others may use audiovisual equipment to educate students or guide visitors. To ensure that each project meets your organization's unique needs, partner with audiovisual partners who have proven their ability to meet customer expectations across multiple industries. For example, the audiovisual experts at Applied Global Technologies have extensive experience with government agencies, Fortune 500 companies, and well-known universities, enabling our team to complete various projects with relative ease.

Furthermore, seek out a company that understands peak audiovisual solutions are not one-size-fits-all. Many organizations struggle with the complexity of AV systems, proper maintenance, and finding AV integration solutions that meet their unique standards. Effective audiovisual integration partners will take the time to listen and collaborate with your organization to bring your vision to life in a manner that is targeted, strategic, and in alignment with your particular needs.


2. They Have Proven Experience

The partnership your organization forms with an audiovisual integration team has the potential to last for many years, so prioritize companies that can display longevity and proven experience. A partner with extensive experience has had time to accumulate more industry insights, expertise in problem-solving diverse issues, and an understanding of the evolution of technology. As such, they can provide customized solutions that are both adaptable and long-lasting.

When you're searching for audiovisual integrators, confirm evidence of their success with the following:

  • Testimonials: A reputable audiovisual company will have testimonials readily available to share with potential clients. Look for this information on review websites, social media, or the company’s homepage.
  • Case Studies: Case studies are among the most useful resources for selecting an audiovisual integrator because they offer specific insight into how a company manages projects and develops AV solutions.
  • Long-term Partners: High-caliber audiovisual professionals assist their clients with more than the initial installation of the AV system. For a sure sign of quality, check whether the audiovisual professionals you work with have a confirmed history of maintaining ongoing relationships with their clients.


3. They Have Industry Certifications

Creating an effective audiovisual system is an intricate process. As a result, work of this nature requires the vast knowledge of a certified professional who understands industry standards specifications.

For context, Applied Global has over 50 industry certifications demonstrating skill in each stage of AV integration:

  • Creating Audiovisual Solutions: To create bespoke AV systems, experts at Applied Global gather customer information and seek to understand their needs. From there, our AV integrators assess the environment and job site to establish the scope of the necessary solutions. Lastly, they design a solution that fully accommodates the space and purpose of the project.
  • Implementing Audiovisual Solutions: Professional audiovisual integrators must account for your organization's goals, along with industry specifications. For instance, speakers must be positioned to accommodate acoustic distribution, and systems must connect in a way that supports user accessibility.
  • Servicing Audiovisual Solutions: AV integrators also need certification to maintain, troubleshoot, and repair AV systems. As per our CARES Agreement, our AV professionals at Applied Global put customer satisfaction first and always strive to provide support within the same business day. Furthermore, CTS Certified Engineers review all completed solutions to minimize complications. 


4. They Provide End-to-End Solutions

When you're searching for an exceptional AV integrator, choose a provider who will implement end-to-end services that include all the necessary elements to create a fully functional audiovisual system. This includes not only the system's design but also servicing and maintaining your organization's audiovisual equipment. Hiring one company to handle all of your organization's needs will streamline your process, as you benefit from one point of contact and accountability for all issues.

When systems require maintenance or you're not sure why your audiovisual equipment isn't working properly, you should be able to contact the same company that installed your system with no problems. Furthermore, service continuity is beneficial in the long term. An ongoing AV partner is already aware of your specific solutions and the details of your facility, enabling them to conduct maintenance and resolve issues quickly. In addition, working with the same AV integrators can reduce upkeep costs for years to come.


5. They Offer Customization Options

Audiovisual integration specialists know that each project varies due to its unique environment. Every facility possesses different characteristics that dictate the lighting, acoustics, seating, and other features. As a result, your requirements may vary greatly from those of another organization, which increases the complexity of each project.

However, it is not enough to understand the differences yet still try to implement the same identical systems. The best AV integrators understand that pre-configured solutions are not suitable for varying project environments. That is why it is of the utmost importance that AV specialists work with your organization to create a fully customized experience.

Before working with audiovisual integrators, inquire about their design process. Ideally, this will include collecting as much information as possible, surveying the site, and understanding the project scope. Furthermore, you should also receive a Program Report explaining the details of your project before a formal proposal. Receiving this paperwork will let you know more details about your AV integrators’ custom solutions and ensure they are taking each variable into account.



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