7 Ways to Take Your Conference Room System to the Next Level
The conference room is the center of every company’s office space. We meet with our business partners, tackle company problems, find solutions, and communicate with our remote partners and experts worldwide.

As the pandemic slows, businesses worldwide are slowly heading back to the office, albeit with a hybrid remote, in-person business model. With more remote staff to juggle than before, companies might be looking for ways to bump their conference rooms up to the next level.

Here at Applied Global Technologies, we are experts in creating the conference room that fits your business needs in every way. To help you get started, we’ve compiled seven ways to take your conference room system to the next level.


First, Consider Your Employees

There’s a reason the remote worker movement is here to stay. It has proven to be more financially efficient for companies because businesses can cut down on costs, and employees are more productive. So, when you are looking for ways to elevate your conference room system, consider things that will equip your employees for success and make them happier. This may be as simple as adding ergonomic chairs or a table that inspires collaboration and innovative ideas.

Before you make changes to your conference room, be sure to ask your employees what will help them be productive. Maybe they feel your current video screen doesn’t have great visual quality, making it hard for them to interact with business partners. Listen to your employees. They may have some great ideas.


Improve the Space’s Functionality

So, you have a meeting space, but does its functionality match its purpose? Examine your conference room. Does it support the number of employees you need to sit in on the conference? Is the equipment in the optimal spot to support peak functionality? Is the video screen in the appropriate location?

If you’re considering this and more, you may want to enlist the help of an AV integrator to help you make the right choices. Our team of experts at Applied Global Technologies can consult your current setup, make suggestions on how to improve your space’s functionality, including wi-fi, equipment location, and more.


Consider Wireless Presentation Technologies

Nothing hinders functionality like wires running across the floor. They can make you look unprofessional and be a safety hazard for your team. The good thing is that you can easily upgrade your technology to equipment that supports wireless connections. Gone are the days of switching AV cables to set up your presentation. Integrating wireless presentation technologies into your conference room system is the ideal strategy.

With wireless presentation systems, setting up your presentation and integrating different platforms can be as easy as pressing a button and switching the feed. Wireless displays eliminate the need for separate adapters. You can easily share content and collaborate across your team’s thanks to a wireless upgrade.


Add Tracking Cameras

Conference rooms were once a static environment that had limited interactivity. Now we have tools like tracking cameras to create a more dynamic environment. What does a tracking camera do? Tracking cameras come in various options, but essentially, they allow you to track the speaker with your camera.

You can zoom in on the speaker’s voice, capture motion easier, and make remote participants feel like they’re in the room. You can also give remote attendees complete control, so they can customize their experience, choosing what part of the room they want to focus on.


Install a Scheduling System

When you try to juggle remote meetings with business partners in different time zones, scheduling can be a mess. Thankfully there is fully automated scheduling software that can do this for you. You can integrate scheduling software with your existing platforms, so your meetings automatically begin in your chosen location. It is an excellent way to take your conference room system to the next level.

Those in charge of scheduling meetings can see all available dates and sync the systems with Calendly or even Google Calendar. So where can you find this fantastic software?


  • Robin: Book your meeting as well as assign it to a specific workstation or huddle room, all within their app. Robin also gives you analytics related to your workspaces to optimize the areas that aren’t being used efficiently. You can integrate Robin with Slack, Zoom, and GSuite for ease of use.


  • iOffice: While similar to other scheduling software systems out there, iOffice has a few bells and whistles that genuinely make them stand out. iOffice uses motion software in your conference room to see if a meeting is taking place. If the motion sensor doesn’t pick anything up, it will re-open the room for booking. It also integrates with common platforms like Slack and GSuite and offers many other features to get up to your scheduling game.


  • YArooms: YArooms is directly built to work with Microsoft Suite, so if you are utilizing Microsoft Teams in your company, YArooms is the scheduling software for you. They offer a calendar grid for your meeting rooms, allowing you to coordinate across several spaces.



Upgrade Your Network

Want to know the best way to kill an excellent video collaboration effort? A slow network. We’ve all seen that terrifying video buffering bar on our screen, and it impacts everything we do. How much bandwidth you have to support video conferencing matters. To ensure that you don’t face connectivity errors later, we recommend upgrading your bandwidth through your internet service provider. It should be the first step in enhancing your conference system.

Unsure whether you have enough bandwidth to support your video conferencing platform? AGT can assist you with testing your current network and looking for the best upgrades for your company.


Optimize Your AV Integration

If you are looking to optimize your AV integration, Applied Global Technologies can offer you the experience and expertise to provide you with the perfect solution. After all, the backbone of every efficient meeting space is skilled AV integration.

At AGT, we offer award-winning services with a team of experts working with businesses of all sizes. We strive to provide you innovation that is at the top of the field. We use a detailed, step-by-step integration process to move companies from analog to digital. We start planning to design the system that addresses your needs and wants for the perfect AV system. We then move on to installation to integrate your new technology with your existing systems and test everything to ensure accuracy.

The process is then completed with an in-depth training program. We teach you and your team how to utilize your new technology efficiently to ensure a seamless transition for your employees and business partners.

Rest assured, even after installing your system, should you have any questions or further needs, AGT is here to support you.