5 Tech Tips to Support a Multigenerational Workforce

Every generation experiences different challenges shaping how they communicate with others and accomplish their goals. For example, Gen Z and Millennials are viewed as more tech-driven and likely to spend more time communicating through online platforms and social media. In contrast, their Gen X and Baby Boomer counterparts prefer to communicate in person. 

Since 2020, people from all generations are spending more time online than ever before. Regardless of your industry, it’s critical that you have the knowledge and AV technology to support a multigenerational workforce.

Now, Boomers are accustomed to communicating on Zoom in the same way that Millennials and Gen Z video chat with their peers. As employees return to the office and employers switch to a hybrid work model, it’s essential that all generations feel at ease with the AV technology they’re using daily.

These simple tips will help your organization support a multigenerational workforce and ensure that your employees have all the tools necessary to be as productive as possible.

5 Tech Tips to Support a Multigenerational Workforce

As hybrid work takes the corporate world by storm, the emphasis on in-office perks is dwindling. However,  more so than ever, employees value a flexible work environment with high-quality AV technology. In a multigenerational workforce, employees need access to tech tools that are intuitive and effective regardless of their level of experience with technology.

Keep these tech tips in mind when working with AV integrators to ensure that you can implement well-rounded AV solutions.

1. Be Aware of Generational Differences

Today, technology in the workplace connects people from all generations, and it has become essential for cutting-edge companies to ensure that employees have access to AV technology that enables them to communicate effectively. However, technology use varies greatly among different generations.

For instance, Millennials and Gen Z are known to use technology and communicate through chat more than Baby Boomers, who typically use phone calls and verbal communication to express themselves or give directions. 

However, all generations benefit from work environments that allow them to communicate with colleagues in a way that is most effective for them. In other words, a multigenerational workforce needs access to video conferencing-enabled communication and intuitive chat tools for communication to flow smoothly.

2. Set and Manage Expectations Differently

In order for your organization to stay on the cutting edge and reach adoption goals for a project, it’s essential for your company to ensure that your AV solutions align with how different users expect the technology to function.

In other words, when accommodating a multigenerational workforce, remember that each cohort will approach AV technology with contrasting expectations. For instance, Boomers may view your AV setup and hesitate to utilize the technology, whereas a Millennial or Gen Z may notice flaws within the same system.

Understanding these different mindsets makes it easier for your organization to partner with AV integrators and create a dynamic AV setup that suits a multigenerational workforce.

3. Provide Users’ Wants and Needs in Technology 

Since Millenials and Gen Z grew up with online communications readily available, they typically prefer chat and email to other forms of communication. In fact, surveys show that 65% of Gen Zers prefer to utilize online communication in lieu of in-person conversations. In contrast, Gen Xers typically prefer email communications, while Boomers prefer in-person communication 

As employees transition to a hybrid working environment, they’ll need the AV technology to connect from any location, whether they’re in the office or at home. Although each generation has different communication preferences, video conferencing platforms and meeting rooms are essential in the modern workplace.

While the benefits of in-person communication are evident, AV technology that enables digital collaboration and communication is critical to meet the needs of a multigenerational workforce.

4. Give Users the Tools to Communicate Effectively 

When supporting a multigenerational workforce, it’s critical to understand that all employees have different levels of experience utilizing technology in the workplace. AV technology can function perfectly, but it cannot be used effectively if your employees lack the knowledge to operate these tools. 

Boomers often state that they would prefer working with communication technologies that are more intuitive and easier to use. Consider offering employee training that enables employees to develop the skills necessary to utilize AV technology properly and prime them for successful collaboration within a multigenerational workforce.

It may be beneficial to accumulate user feedback and offer IT training sessions to ensure that employees are able to connect with their colleagues. Additionally, a knowledge base will allow users to work through tech issues independently.

5. Upgrade Your AV System Regularly 

It is critical that you keep your AV systems up-to-date, especially when you’re accommodating a multigenerational workforce.  After collecting data from your employees regarding your AV systems, utilize this information to make better decisions about your AV setup.

In some cases, this could entail sending out surveys on a regular basis so that your IT team can change your AV setup as needed. As workplace dynamics change, it’s critical to partner with experienced AV integrators that know how to install  AV solutions that meet your organization’s unique needs.

When creating your AV setup, remember to assess your long-term goals to ensure your AV solutions meet your organization’s changing needs. Before installing a complete AV setup, consider which solutions can best accommodate the needs of a multigenerational workforce. 

This could often mean integrating video conferencing software complete with remote monitoring for optimal communication. Whichever AV solutions you choose, ensure that all employees are fully aware of utilizing these tools for smooth daily operations.

Support Your Multigenerational Workforce with Applied Global 

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