5 Most Important Conference Room Technologies

Conference rooms are the focal point of activity in any corporate organization. The brilliant innovations that arise from productive collaboration between employees are vital to the growth and sustenance of an organization.

Given that the hybrid work model exists in 63% of high-growth companies, it is necessary now more than ever to integrate advanced audiovisual technologies that allow employees to connect with one another from anywhere in the world. Not only do these technologies expand your talent pool, but they also make it possible for members of your organization to reach out to clients in different areas of the globe, thereby supporting your organization’s growth initiatives.

As time passes, company leaders and decision-makers must ensure that their organization has all the tools necessary to thrive in a competitive global marketplace. This begins with allowing employees access to state-of-the-art conference room technologies that spark creativity and drive productivity in the workplace.


The Importance of Conference Rooms in the Hybrid Office 

Collaboration is integral to a hybrid working environment, but employees need the right conference room technologies to facilitate effective collaboration. Recent studies from Barco show that 29% of meetings in the future will be hybrid, so organizations in every sector must keep up with current trends.

As more employees and clients attend meetings from remote locations, the conference room remains the ideal environment for communication and collaboration. However, optimal results are only possible with advanced audiovisual technology. 

Modern conference technologies allow meeting participants to communicate with one another in a manner that resembles in-person meetings. For instance, digital whiteboards enable participants to share documents and take notes on documents as if they were in the same room.

Although many employees prefer a hybrid working environment, implementing advanced conference room technologies will also benefit your organization. Studies show that employers with hybrid and remote workers can reduce operating costs by reducing the size of their physical office. Conference room technologies allow employers to minimize the downfalls of hybrid and remote work by strengthening company culture and enhancing collaboration.


5 Most Important Conference Room Technologies

Your chosen conference room technologies can make or break collaboration within your organization. Although communications are increasingly through messaging and e-mail, face-to-face meetings remain critical to effective communication.

Investing in modern, updated conference room technologies will serve your organization for years. If you want to enhance your conference room, consider discussing these audiovisual technologies with AV integration specialists.


1. Digital Whiteboards

Digital whiteboards are an effective way to engage employees and audiences because they enhance collaboration. Digital whiteboards are necessary for organizations with remote employees to ensure everyone on the team has an equal opportunity to contribute. Furthermore, increased engagement leads to increased productivity and employee retention.

Digital whiteboards allow users to share critical information on the cloud at the conclusion of each meeting or presentation. Another key benefit of digital whiteboards is that audiovisual integrators easily integrate them with other technologies. 

2. Wireless Presentations

When considering conference room technologies, wireless presentations are quickly becoming necessary in corporate spaces. With wireless conference equipment, users can save time searching for cords and ensuring that users have the correct cable to connect each device.

Wireless presentation devices offer benefits similar to a digital whiteboard because participants can easily connect their personal devices. Additionally, the most advanced wireless presentation technologies enable multiple people to connect their devices to the presentation screen simultaneously for efficient collaboration.


3. Video Conferencing Cameras and Software

The right video conferencing equipment and cameras are crucial to effective communication in hybrid working environments. When selecting cameras, 4k video conferencing equipment is ideal because it offers a viewing experience that mimics real life. This allows participants to convey information while fostering greater engagement with remote employees clearly.

Whether you engage remote participants using Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or another video conferencing software, selecting one that suits your organization’s needs is important. In a hybrid work environment, video conferencing software is a vital tool to foster a strong company culture and support employee wellbeing.


4. Speakers and Microphones

Organizations often overlook high-quality speakers and microphones when integrating conference room technologies, but they’re one of the most essential elements of your conference room. AV integration specialists may suggest beam-forming microphones with concealed audio cabling that runs through the table’s frame and the floor. If this is not an option, AV integrators may opt to install beam-forming ceiling microphones.

And, of course, quality speakers ensure that participants can adequately hear information during meetings and presentations. The right speakers will support visual conference room technologies for a seamless experience. In most cases, AV integrators will install speakers mounted to the wall or on the ceiling.

Furthermore, microphones and speakers require support from an Audio Digital Sign Processor (DSP) to ensure the highest quality audio within your conference room. The DSP will round out your other conference room technologies with audio mixing and echo cancellation to provide a productive, simple user experience.


5. LED Video Walls

LED video walls are a great option if you’re interested in other ways to boost engagement with conference room technologies. LED video walls are another tool to enhance communication. Sometimes, computer displays can cause eye strain and reduce audience engagement. 

In contrast, high-resolution LED video walls provide unparalleled screen quality with high resolution that allows participants to view content at a high resolution while minimizing eye strain. LED video walls are available in a wide range of sizes, making them suitable for conference rooms of all sizes.


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