4 Traits Your A/V Integrator Should Possess

Audio visual integration is no small task. In order to get future-ready collaboration spaces, you need a team of highly skilled integrators who are not only knowledgeable about their craft, but who provide excellent customer service in the process. Think about it – your A/V integrator is responsible for the technology and systems that power your high-profile meetings and events with clients, investors, partners and more. You need an experienced A/V integrator for your big A/V jobs. Here are a few of the traits we think all integrators should possess.

They should be highly skilled and forward-thinking.

This one is a given – your integrator should be highly skilled and possess abundant knowledge of A/V and video conferencing systems and technologies. Working with an expert in the field will ensure you are implementing high-quality solutions. They should also be up-to-date on the latest technologies and industry trends, and they should be forward-thinking in their design and integration approach. You can minimize future pitfalls and costly technology refreshes by working with an integrator that favors innovation with future-proof solutions.

They should be certified.

Your A/V integrator should be certified in A/V and video conferencing design, integration and managed services. Industry and manufacturer certifications help integrators sharpen their skills and gain the knowledge needed to complete successful integrations with different types of technologies – who doesn’t want that?

They should offer support options after install.

Let’s be real – some integrators finish the install and run, offering very few support options and leaving you in the dark when issues arise. You need an A/V integrator that supports you even after the bulk of the physical work is done. Support options can range from routine maintenance to complete and proactive management of systems. For example, AGT offers our clients a complete portfolio of support options, from managed video and maintenance services to a dedicated Help Desk and Client Care team that monitors, troubleshoots, maintains and manages every aspect of a collaborative environment.

They should be customer-centric.

Your A/V integrator should have a proven track record of customer-centric project management and training, and they should always be dedicated to customer service. Make sure they can support your goals, objectives and budget from beginning to end in a timely manner. Does your A/V integrator address your concerns quickly? Do they work hard to find solutions to your technology glitches as soon as they happen? Do they suggest upgrades to your systems and technology on a regular basis to keep everything running smoothly? They should.

Have other traits to add to this list? Tell us below!