3 Ways to Make Your Conference Rooms More Energy Efficient

“Going Green” is one of the most buzzed about and significant Corporate Social Responsibility and environmental movements to date. Not only does reducing your organization’s carbon footprint help the environment, but it also saves you a lot of money in the long run. Maximizing your energy savings will help you achieve a high return on your investments. Start cutting costs in the spaces where you arguably use the most energy during the day – your conference rooms – with these quick tips.

Tip #1: Use Detection Devices

Let’s be real – having a huge video wall or several monitors in your conference room looks impressive and can be very effective for collaboration, but you don’t need every monitor on during a simple, quick meeting. Using detection devices that automatically power room displays on and off with the detection of video signals will help you save money on displays that are not being used during your meetings. It’s so simple!

Tip #2: Install Occupancy Sensors

We’ve all been there – you’ve just had an intense brainstorming session with your team, everyone dispersed quickly to start working on the proposed project, and no one remembered to turn the lights in the conference room off. These lights are on for the rest of the day, increasing your electric bill with each passing minute. Installing occupancy sensors in your collaboration spaces will help alleviate this issue and save you money by automatically powering your room’s lights on and off. There are several types of occupancy sensors out there, including ultrasonic, passive infrared and dual technology sensors. Choose whichever fits your business model best – Crestron has several great options that are easy to install and use.

Tip #3: Implement a Reliable Control System

Control systems are the brains behind your conference rooms – you can essentially control everything from audio levels, to video sources, to scheduling and more all from a simple user interface and touchscreen panel. Most control systems integrate with your lighting, climate control system and other devices in the room to help you track usage and maximize energy savings.

These are small efforts, but they help create high-tech, eco-friendly conference and collaboration spaces for organizations large and small. Have other tips to add to the list? Tweet us and tell us your favorite ways to maximize energy savings!