3 Technologies You Need in Your Huddle Rooms

If you’ve been with us for a while, you know that we are big fans of huddle rooms. They’re small, they’re easy to implement, and they allow small groups to meet in a productive setting without the hassle of having to reserve a large conference room. Once you settle on huddle rooms for your organization, your next step is to decide how your rooms will be outfitted in terms of technology. Below are our suggestions – remember to keep it simple!

Small-format displays

Small-format displays are essential in huddle rooms – instead of everyone crowding around a computer screen, displays allow you to easily present ideas to everyone in the room and even remote participants. Whether you’re looking to incorporate standard HD/LED displays or interactive solutions in your huddle rooms, choose something small that fits well in the space – the less crowded the room looks, the better! Displays from Sharp, Samsung, LG, InFocus and SMART are easy to use and setup, ensuring you get your impromptu meetings up and running in no time.

employees having a huddle

Wired and wireless presentation capabilities

It’s important to include everyone in the collaboration process in your huddle rooms, so incorporating wired and wireless presentation capabilities in both analog and digital formats is essential. Whether users are on a laptop, tablet, smartphone or other device, make sure it’s easy for everyone to present their ideas. We recommend solutions from Crestron and AMX, which are extremely user-friendly and work with a variety of devices.

USB plug and play cameras and audio devices

If you plan on connecting with remote participants, plug and play cameras and audio devices are the ideal solutions for your huddle rooms. Rather than installing high-dollar cameras and codecs designed for large rooms, these devices allow you to plug in and go – working well with the impromptu nature of huddle spaces – while boasting much better quality than standard webcams or phones. Polycom, Tely and Logitech make great video and audio conferencing devices for small rooms – to read in-depth reviews of some of their huddle room products, check out this blog post written by our CEO.

USB plug and play camera

What technologies do you deem essential for huddle rooms? Tell us in the comments!