3 Spaces You Should Incorporate Into Your Office Environment

All organizations want to collaborate more efficiently and effectively – and they need spaces to do so. With all of the options and technologies available today, however, how is anyone supposed to know which collaborative environment is right for them? We’ve taken the guesswork out of it by coming up with three intuitive room designs we think will fit anyone’s needs and budget. Whether you require a video conferencing room, a collaboration room or a huddle room space, we have a solution for you. Let’s take a look!

1. Video Conferencing Room

Our video conferencing room is built for high-quality video conferences and local and remote presentations. This room generally accommodates 8-12+ people and is video-centric, incorporating dedicated room-based HD video conferencing endpoints, technology and systems to ensure seamless video meetings. Video conferencing rooms are perfect for companies with dispersed locations and remote teams – like us!

2. Collaboration Room

AGT’s collaboration room is a multi-purpose room built for high-quality collaboration, including conferences, touchscreen whiteboarding and local and remote presentations. A key difference between this room and the video conferencing room is the addition of interactive displays and touchscreen technology. Also, while this room can include video conferencing capability as an add-on, video conferencing is not at the forefront of this space. Instead, real-time collaboration, content sharing, note taking and audio conferencing take the stage. The collaboration room is ideal for organizations looking to incorporate the latest A/V technology – such as interactive displays and whiteboards – into their office environment, as well as those who frequently need to share and collaborate on content with large groups.

3. Huddle Room

The huddle room is perhaps the newest development in the A/V and collaboration space, but one we love. Our huddle room is a small, integrated room for high-quality conferences and local and remote presentations. This room is simple in terms of technology, but packs a punch in terms of small group collaboration and productivity. Huddle rooms are not only extremely space and budget-friendly, but they can also be the most productive rooms in your building. This room is ideal for organizations with small teams who need a space for impromptu collaboration and meetings when scheduling a large conference room is not ideal or necessary.

The best part? All of these rooms support AGT’s collaboration room of the future concept by embracing leading technology and being user-friendly, energy efficient and managed on an ongoing basis.

huddle room idea

Interested in implementing one or all of these rooms in your organization, but not sure where to start? Fill out this brief form and we’ll send you a custom room design, similar to the one above, that fits your needs and technology preferences. It doesn’t get easier than that!