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Introducing the Alliance Suite

AGT is in the business of helping organizations collaborate the best way they possibility can, whether internally with coworkers or externally with customers and partners. What sets us apart is our three-practice service model – The Alliance Suite – which provides an end-to-end solution for the design, integration and management of meeting spaces. We aren’t just an integrator and we aren’t just a managed services provider. We are your one-stop shop for the collaboration room of the future.


The collaboration room of the future consists of four intuitive components that are achieved by selecting AGT as the designer, integrator and manager of your meeting space. First, your room will embrace leading technology. In today’s always-evolving landscape, your collaboration room needs cutting edge equipment that delivers future-proof solutions. Once the technology is in place, it’s time to create the experience. The collaboration room of the future is user-friendly, energy efficient and managed on an ongoing basis to ensure a quality experience is had by all users.


Leading Technology

AGT works with best-of-breed manufacturers and only implements future-proof equipment. This prepares your room for new technologies, minimizing shocks and stresses. Analog video connectivity options (i.e. VGA) are slowly diminishing, and embracing digital is an imperative step towards achieving the collaboration room of the future. Whether you require a full digital upgrade or need a blend of analog and digital interfaces to meet the needs of your operations, AGT will help you evaluate your environment and find the right balance to drive the best results. By trusting AGT’s audio visual design expertise, you will be prepared for the future.



At the end of the day, getting people to leverage your collaboration room comes down to usability. Meeting spaces have to be user-friendly. Having consistent equipment and interfaces that are designed with simplicity in mind will ultimately drive usage, and creating this experience is often dependent on the level of programming completed during your install. AGT programmers will arm your end users with user-friendly tools that will be accessible for years to come.


Energy Efficient

We understand you are spending money to build your room, and maximizing your energy savings will help you achieve a high return on your investment. At AGT we make sure you aren’t wasting money on unused displays and that automated processes are in place. Something as simple as using detection tools to turn power on and off in your collaboration spaces will help you conserve and save money. Help us, help you!



The last component of your soon-to-be collaboration room of the future is management. It’s imperative to incorporate monitoring and reporting services, as well as the ability to manage and schedule rooms. This could be as simple as installing scheduling panels outside your room that integrate with Microsoft Outlook, to leveraging AGT’s managed services that take the stress off of you by letting us monitor your environment. Our managed services provide complete and proactive visibility of your audio visual and video conferencing infrastructure. We mentioned we are a one-stop shop, right?

Audio Visual Design

The quality of your audio visual system is defined by the design. For the design process, we evaluate your existing environment and identify goals, objectives and budgets. Discover solutions to your problems with AV designs that predict and adapt to new technologies.


Audio Visual Integration

It’s about the people behind the technology. Once we’ve completed a state-of-the-art design for your room, it’s time for the integration. With proactive planning, we set milestones and installation dates that are managed by an experienced project manager. Expect best-in-class AV implementation with certified personnel and training.


Managed Services

Improve the quality of your AV and video conferencing experience. Collaboration solutions improve communication and cut costs, but only if they are properly managed and used correctly. Solve problems with proven management and monitoring services and an around-the-clock Help Desk.


What They Say

"In the ever-changing world of technology, working with AGT was a sound decision. We have ventured to offer the best A/V collaboration to our clients. AGT’s knowledge of the Crestron systems, and their proximity to maintain our desire to accomplish this goal, made AGT a compelling choice for this transition."


Cloud Video Conferencing

With AGT's cloud video conferencing service, simply sign up for an account and collaborate via video on any device, anywhere. Our interoperable collaboration solution works with standards-based video conferencing systems, desktops, mobile devices and web browsers.


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