Add Video to Your Cloud

AGT’s turnkey Video-as-a-Service partner program is ideal for service providers looking to deliver proven and custom video services. By partnering with AGT, service providers quickly go to market with a white-label service that connects HD conference systems, desktops, web browsers and mobile devices in a single conference.  AGT partners overcome the challenges of scalability, high infrastructure costs and interoperability with a simple, affordable and scalable solution. 

How it Works

Expertise. AGT utilizes intellectual property and years of experience to power cloud environments with its Video-as-a-Service platform – be it a public cloud, private cloud or a hybrid of both.

Video-as-a-Service platform

Interoperability. After a seamless integration, service providers provide customers a high-quality video conferencing service that works with a wide range of video-enabled devices and endpoints, including legacy video and SIP conferencing systems, desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones and web browsers.

Interoperability for Service Providers

Branding. AGT’s in-house development experts offer a turnkey solution for the entire application development for service providers. AGT partners increase brand value with branded interfaces and applications available on the desktop and in the Apple App Store and Google Play. In addition, APIs are available to integrate with partner service portals.

Turnkey. A suite of sales, marketing and service templates are immediately available to our partners to ensure a quick service launch.

Flexibility. AGT offers unmatched deployment flexibility to service providers. We provide fully branded capacity from our service cloud, or service providers can rack our platform in their data center.

Affordable.  Deployment flexibility translates to pricing flexibility. AGT offers the lowest price per port in the market for service providers and our pricing structure ensures partners are protected with burstable capacity, allowing partners to buy more capacity as their service grows. The end result? Scalability at an attractive price point.

Why AGT?  We provide the industry’s only turnkey solution that lets service providers easily complement existing offerings, drive additional revenue and improve gross margins.

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